1000 Pullup Challenge

1000 Pullup Challenge Help 1000 Pullup Challenge Award! 159 competitors, started over 6 years ago

Congratulations to soapysmith! They won this challenge on March 27, 2014.

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User Recent Activity Total
1 Large_thumb  soapysmith Did 350 reps about 1 year ago 10,161 reps
2 No_picture_user_male  ysterspike Did 105 reps over 3 years ago 8,938 reps
3 Large_thumb  jemenake Did 28 reps over 4 years ago 8,311 reps
4 Large_thumb  Goody20 Did 40 reps over 3 years ago 6,173 reps
5 Large_thumb  brunus Did 7 reps over 2 years ago 3,617 reps
6 No_picture_user_male  FitAfter40 Did 10 reps about 1 year ago 3,575 reps
7 No_picture_user_male  chickenr Did 4 reps about 1 year ago 2,754 reps
8 No_picture_user_male  enielsen Did 17 reps about 1 year ago 2,743 reps
9 Large_thumb  DianeKelley Did 100 reps over 4 years ago 2,488 reps
10 No_picture_user_male  uriboyka Did 20 reps over 3 years ago 2,295 reps

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Yodajammies Yodajammies

posted Thursday, November 5, 2009

This topic was created for the 1000 Pullup Challenge challenge.

DianeKelley DianeKelley

posted Friday, April 15, 2011

Champion Champion The Hulkster Award Sultan of the Sandy Six Pack Vanquisher I Lost 20 Lbs! Lucky Lifter A NEW WOMAN Cruncher Champion Top Dog I Did 1,000 Pushups! Champion Biggest Loser Lucky Charm Super Stiff Conquistador! Champion Becoming Angelina Jolie I Lost 10 Lbs! Champion ...

Am I the only female in this competition? lol I know all the men will beat me, but, I WILL get to that 1000!!

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