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We all know how important it is for us to stay in shape, but our dogs need exercise to be happy and healthy as well. When biking with your dog you get a very light workout and your dog gets to run at a pace that suits the dog, rather than the pace that suits the human (as happens during walks). Don't leave your dog out of all that great exercise you are getting. Please keep you and your dog safe while biking with them. Not all dogs are built for running (short nosed dogs and short legged dogs). Make sure they have a fitness base before running them and let them run at their pace. Bring water for them and make sure they don't get overheated by running them in too hot and/or humid conditions! You dog should enjoy this, not dread it. Mileage is based on each trip, not per dog on one trip.

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1 No_picture_user_male  markahalliday Biked 21.2 mi over 3 years ago 504.52 mi
2 Large_thumb  asltiffm Biked 1.21 mi over 6 years ago 68.46 mi
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