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This is an "Everybody Wins" challenge where the goal is to run an equivalent of the width of the United States.

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Goal Met! Large_thumb  culwenspoint Ran 10.56 km over 4 years ago 7,452.73 km
Goal Met! Large_thumb  coliv77 Ran 11.72 km over 4 years ago 5,490.24 km
Goal Met! Large_thumb  CRSTOE4 Ran 4.6 km over 5 years ago 5,439.71 km
Goal Met! Large_thumb  daikatana1969 Ran 25.78 km 10 months ago 4,647.59 km
Goal Met! Large_thumb  IronDave Ran 16.0 km over 5 years ago 4,644.62 km
Goal Met! Large_thumb  badgersmaker Ran 10.94 km about 1 year ago 4,641.2 km
Goal Met! Large_thumb  YankDownUnder Ran 16.01 km 11 months ago 4,640.92 km
Goal Met! Large_thumb  aferraro Ran 15.0 km over 5 years ago 4,639.91 km
Goal Met! Large_thumb  sewblue Ran 8.21 km over 5 years ago 4,635.96 km
Goal Met! Large_thumb  christine_dietz Ran 8.05 km about 1 year ago 4,634.23 km

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stephenb stephenb Staff

posted Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Lost 5 Lbs! I Burned 25K Calories! I Burned 5,000 Calories!

This topic was created for the Run Across America challenge.

bobbo bobbo

posted Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So i ran 20 km last week so i am dumping them all in as one lump

TsunamiBob TsunamiBob

posted Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am new to the group so I need to give my new treadmill a workout and catchup…so watch me progress!

tandrei tandrei

posted Saturday, December 20, 2008

Zuper Abominable Hero Toughest 2009 Mare Smecher in Sport

Glad joining the run!

Andrei – Romania.

mjbcl1 mjbcl1

posted Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Burned 5,000 Calories! Runningest Road Runner I Ran 100 Miles!

Dumped in the 120 miles to date (thought it would just add in and I just started the site so had to transfer from my other log.

Good luck everyone!

googamagooga googamagooga

posted Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vanquisher Gold Medalist

So how far is it accross America anyway? I live in Australia and have no idea

aferraro aferraro

posted Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Top Contender The Initiate Top Runner Conqueror Vanquisher Most Distance 2012 Runner 1000-Mile-Runner Conqueror of the UK coastline Vanquisher Top Mile-Cruncher Feb. 2012 I Lost 10 Lbs! Top Contender Best of the year - running. Gold Medalist Conqueror Athlete Lord of the Ring Top Contender Vanquisher Champion Top Contender ...

According to…
it is 4630.91Km from Eureka, California to West Quoddy Head, Maine, which is a diagonal line.

For Australia, according to…
east to west distance = 4000km
north to south distance = 3700km

Lolden Lolden

posted Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hey guys, posting my progress so far since I just started running last week.
Edit: Never mind, I’ll start from scratch.

rdx565 rdx565

posted Monday, July 20, 2009

Hi, just joined, will start adding later in the week from training runs and treadmill.

robbo21 robbo21

posted Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tri-athlete I Biked Across America! Super-Ripped 2011 Tri Dominator Conqueror The Beefy Botham I did Le Tour de France! Champion I Did 1,000 Pushups! Rowing Gold Medalist - 500k Rowing I Did 1,000 Pushups! I Burned 5,000 Calories! I Ran 100 Miles!

hey guys just joined, seems im starting from the back watch out HERE I COME………………………………….how far!!!!!!!

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