Calf Raise - Standing, Machine

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Stand under the pads and place your feet on the area marked for your feet to be placed. Situate your shoulders so the pads are resting on each shoulder. On some machines there may also be handle bars that you can hold on to that are right outside the shoulder pads. You can hold on to these to help stabilize yourself throughout the exercise. This will be your starting position. Slowly push up driving through your toes. When you push up and are towards the end of the extension on this exercise you should be standing on your tip toes. In this position you will start to feel a contraction and squeeze in your calf muscle. When you feel this hold it for a split second. Lower yourself slowly back down to your starting position. Do not stay in the starting position for more than a split second in between repetitions as this will decrease the effectiveness of the exercise. If you feel any sort of rocking back and forth in your body or extreme shaking when performing this exercise you may need to lower the weight.

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