Squat Snatch

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Barbell snatches are the lesser-known of the olympic lifts. Yet, in many ways, they are just as effective as their most famous cousin, the clean and jerk. To complete the squat snatch, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and grip the barbell with a very wide, even grip. Squat over the barbell, arch your back slightly. Arms are straight, shoulders are over the barbell. Pull the bar off the floor using hip and knee extension. Keep your back angle the same and keep the slight arch. Keep the bar close to your legs. Rise steadily, not in a jerky manner. When the barbell passes your knees, shrug shoulders hard. Let the barbell hit your upper thighs. When it passes your upper thighs, jump and shrug and pull upward, bending your elbows as you pull. Pull yourself under the bar. This is the quick, fast part of the movement. Catch the barbell overhead, straight armed, in squat position. When you arms are locked out, squat upward and stand up with the bar over your head. Lower the bar safely. Bend elbows and slightly bend knees, to lower the barbell to knees (don't hunch your back), squat down to put the bar down.

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