Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance

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The first wave of exercises include a very effective combination of cardio and resistance. In order, the first 4 exercises are: Power Jumps, Belt Kicks, Hit the Floor, and V Push-ups. Power Jumps are especially difficult and will wipe out your air supply in under 30 seconds, but then you’ve still got 3 more exercises to go before you get a break. The first 4 exercises are each done for 30 seconds, back-to-back, leaving you with 2 solid minutes of intensity. Once you survive that first wave, you only get a 30-second break before you repeat that sequence even faster than the first time, then you repeat it yet again at an even higher level of intensity.

As if over 6 minutes of all-out intensity wasn’t enough of a challenge, after finishing all 3 sets of the first wave of exercises, you then do a full minute of challenging tricep exercises that will leave the back of your arms on fire.

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