Power Clean

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The power clean, a weight training exercise not used in competition, refers to any variant of the clean in which the lifter does not catch the bar in a full squat position (commonly accepted as thighs parallel to the floor or below). The power clean is an overall muscle developer which increases explosion. It is the best exercise for converting the strength obtained from other exercises into real power. The power clean is a technical lift which combines the deadlift, the high pull, and also the front squat. There are three basic positions when it comes to the power clean. We have the starting position, the explosion position and the rack position. When you're in the rack position your chest should be up and your elbows will be pointed forward with the weight of the bar on the shoulders (not the arms/wrists). In the explosion position we are preparing for the big jump or explosion of power in the power clean. You will be holding the bar as before in the hang position, except this time the bar will be on your thighs. This will force your butt out and your back to lean over the bar slightly. Your arms and elbows should be straight. The starting position has you standing with your feet about 15 inches apart with your toes turned slightly out. The arms will be hanging down with the grip a little wider than shoulder width. Your knees should be bent with your back straight. Your grip should be a palms facing you grip. Start with the bar on the floor in the deadlift position with your feet hip width apart. Pull the bar up slowly to the explosion position. Keep the bar as close as possible to the body. As the bar comes up you should explode to your toes and continue to pull the bar straight up. At this point in one motion, you should "pop" under the bar (don't lean back) and catch the bar with your knees bent in the rack position.

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