The FoodScanner iPhone App

FoodScanner allows you to use your iPhone's camera to scan UPC barcodes on the foods you eat. FoodScanner is the absolute quickest and easiest way to find foods and track how many calories you eat throughout the day. Backed by DailyBurn Tracker's growing nutrition database of 200K foods and powered by Occipital RedLaser technology, FoodScanner is THE KILLER APP for tracking your caloric intake.

FoodScanner is now part of the DailyBurn Tracker App!

The Features

  • Find foods by scanning UPC barcodes OR typing in food names
  • Works great on all iPhones
  • View complete nutrition labels
  • Create new foods and attach photos & UPC codes
  • Keep track of total calories eaten every day
  • Growing nutritional database of 200K foods
  • Optionally sync with a DailyBurn Tracker account for adv. nutrition analysis, history, and more


FoodScanner Screenshots

What people are saying about FoodScanner...

"Does it work? It does. Is it just as cool as it sounds? It is. Will it earn a spot in one of Apple's "There's an app for that" commercials? Almost certainly. It's just that slick."

- Rick Broida, CNET

"FoodScanner makes calorie counting a breeze"

- Lifehacker

"FoodScanner is as simple as can be"

- John Herrman, Gizmodo

"WOW!! Simply WOW!!"


"An ingenious IPhone App"


"I was impressed with the speed and accuracy of how it worked. Even on an aluminum soda can that is both a rounded and reflective surface, the barcode scanning picked up and worked as expected..."

- Mashable

"DailyBurn + Occipital's Red Laser = WIN"


"The iPhone FoodScanner is here. Greatest invention since sliced bread? Oh yes indeed."


"The new Daily Burn Food Scanner iPhone App is total hotness for you calorie counters!!"


"This. is. Awesome."


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What is DailyBurn?

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