Feb 23, 2010 9:22am

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I’m excited to get started with this training plan. It looks very well assembled. Here are my questions, though:

what about nutrition? Will there be an associated component that includes information about healthy foods that can be used with this plan?

what about the iPhone? I use my iPhone and both dailyburn.com apps regularly. The primary app and food scanner are both awesome! Will there be a way for me to take this workout plan with me to the gym?

Great work, DB folks – I’m excited to see what you come up with next!

Feb 24, 2010 1:03pm

vhussar vhussar
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I am looking forward to finally shedding these extra pounds I’ve been carrying!!

Mar 11, 2010 1:55pm

cutepsychokttn cutepsychokttn
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Is there an alternative at all to the Sprinting/Running? I have an injury that keeps me from running and I am looking for a suitable swap. Pls advise if you have any suggestions.

Mar 22, 2010 11:38pm

grommett grommett
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I Lost 20 Lbs! I Lost 10 Lbs!

Anyone have some results they’d like to post? I’m starting this Wednesday and am hoping to see what others are getting out of this.

Apr 1, 2010 8:41pm

xtopher xtopher
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I Lost 20 Lbs! I Lost 10 Lbs! I Lost 5 Lbs!

you could just swim or use the elyptical instead of running i bet.

Apr 2, 2010 7:16am

LasVegasWil LasVegasWil
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The sprinting really has me concerned as well. 1/4 mile? I don’t think I currently even walk that far during the day, which might explain this spare tire someone has mysteriously wrapped around me while I was sleeping. However, I’m know my ticker can take it so I’m going to give it try. There’s so many people in wheelchairs or that have actual physical injuries I suppose my best option is to stop my whining and run fat boy run. Hmmm….that would make a catchy movie title. Perhaps with dry witted English people…….

Apr 11, 2010 9:37pm

mshiggins527 mshiggins527
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I Lost 10 Lbs!

I’m starting tomorrow:Good luck everyone!

Apr 30, 2010 4:58pm

rcasais rcasais
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I Lost 10 Lbs!

The pullup bar in my gym is broken, what do you think would be a good alternative?

May 2, 2010 4:21pm

runtpotential runtpotential
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I Lost 10 Lbs! I Biked 100 Miles!

Does anyone have a good substitute for pull-ups? Bicep curls?

May 3, 2010 6:29pm

ireidlag ireidlag
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Runtpotential- Do assisted pullups. There should be a machine at your gym that allows you to do pull ups with less than your body weight. If you cant find it ask around.

rcasais- Any bar that can support your weight will work…. for instance I use an I-beam in my garage. OR go to a local park and use the monkey bars…. Day one of this workout can fortunately be done outside of a gym.

May 16, 2010 1:47pm

evatesq evatesq
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I Did 1,000 Pushups! I Burned 25K Calories! I Ran 100 Miles!

If you can’t run or sprint, I would think that using the elliptical machine at a fast pace, 6 or 7mph, would be a good alternative.

May 18, 2010 7:46pm

rcasais rcasais
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I Lost 10 Lbs!

Hum, when it says in the core workout that we have to do each exercise for max reps, does it mean we’re supposed to only do 1 set of each exercise until we drop?

May 24, 2010 12:52am

ninjataka ninjataka
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I’m starting this one tomorrow. Anyone have good results from it?

Jun 16, 2010 5:56pm

saxmis saxmis
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Top Contender Legend Wii Fanatic! Gold Medalist Top Dog Vanquisher Vanquisher Gold Bellydancer Dirty Thirty! Conqueror Flab Buster Ideal Resolute Top Contender Biggest Loser 2011 Conqueror 2011 Champion! 2011 Percentage Weight Loss !! Belly Buster Gold Medalist Conqueror ...

I’m starting this tomorrow. I’ll make sure that I comment on my results here so people who are asking can see if this works or not. I’m really interested myself to see if this works!

Jun 17, 2010 10:53am

aburke83 aburke83
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I Burned 25K Calories! I Lost 5 Lbs! I Burned 5,000 Calories!

Starting Saturday… How’s everyone doing so far?? Good results?

Jul 2, 2010 4:01am

saxmis saxmis
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Top Contender Legend Wii Fanatic! Gold Medalist Top Dog Vanquisher Vanquisher Gold Bellydancer Dirty Thirty! Conqueror Flab Buster Ideal Resolute Top Contender Biggest Loser 2011 Conqueror 2011 Champion! 2011 Percentage Weight Loss !! Belly Buster Gold Medalist Conqueror ...

I’ve lost 5lbs so far =)

Jul 4, 2010 12:11pm

johnniesmith johnniesmith
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Vanquisher I Lost 10 Lbs!

Well, I will give this a shot! I am pretty athletic as it is, so it would all be about me sticking with it. I hope you all have been doing well on this. I am going to post lots of pics of the process!!

Jul 20, 2010 1:12pm

mwheeler3 mwheeler3
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Gold Medalist I Did 1,000 Pushups!

Wide-grip cable pulldowns (seated) with a weight that only allows the max rep count would be a good substitute for pull-ups.

Nov 1, 2010 8:23pm

daveherring daveherring
2 posts

Started it today. Not gonna lie, this is pretty intense. I am not in shape nor out of shape….just average. The push-ups/pull-ups really worked me today. If did these simulated with weights @ the gym. Starting from really no upper-body strength is fairly difficult. Looking forward to seeing how things are in 5-weeks!

Nov 2, 2010 4:39am

paulososka paulososka
2 posts

I Burned 5,000 Calories! I Lost 5 Lbs!

I was dead after the first two sets of burpees.
Let’s see how am I going to end the 5 weeks. Looking forward :)

Nov 2, 2010 9:58am

daveherring daveherring
2 posts

Ok, after the first day and first night sleep….

I woke up this morning with my arms feeling terrible in the muscles right above the back of my elbows. The pushups really wore my arms out. It’s going to be a hard day today. Started breakfast with 600mg of ibuprofen ;-)

Nov 6, 2010 9:17pm

uerik60 uerik60
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I Burned 5,000 Calories! I Lost 10 Lbs! I Lost 10 Lbs! I Lost 5 Lbs!

End of week 1 for me yesterday and I am not going to lie it’s been tough. The sprints are more of a suggestion, i had to jog/walk a lot with an occasional sprint. The burpes were pretty helacious and my muscles have been sore in places they forgot existed. All in all… if you are the kind of person that can push yourself REALLY hard to stick with the plan, even though you aren’t really able to do it the way it suggests, then I think this workout will get anybody well on their way to shedding some pounds!

Nov 23, 2010 8:47pm

sari92379 sari92379
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I am starting this workout on Monday…I hope it does what it’s titled to do!!! :o) Anyone else started and seen improvements…please share!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

Dec 20, 2010 5:10pm

Marshmallower Marshmallower
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I Burned 25K Calories! I Lost 10 Lbs! I Burned 5,000 Calories! I Walked 100 Miles! I Lost 5 Lbs!

I started this today but I rode my bike for 9.94 miles instead of the running sprints. That’s just the way it’s going to be. Question: How do I edit from km to miles?

Jan 27, 2011 1:32pm

kendradahlstrom kendradahlstrom
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I need to be active about 5 days a week or I will get some anxiousness. This workout calls for 3 days a week. I figure I can do some light cardio – twenty to thirty mins on the “off” days. Anyone else filling their “off” days with exercise?

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