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There has been endless debate over whether to use dyanmic stretching (using momentum to carry you through full range of motion movements) or static stretching (holding a stretch for prolonged periods while breathing steadily) when doing a workout. I would like to take this opportunity to put it into perspective.

They both have their place in any workout.

Dynamic stretching is most effective when performed before a workout, as it will aid in getting the blood pumping, warming up the muscles and getting the body ready for more intense training.

Static stretching is best after the muscles have already been worked out hard, and serves to further lengthen the muscles in such a way that allows the body to come to rest after the workout and gives your body the opportunity to get into recovery mode.

Doing these types of stretches in reverse (ie; static first, and dynamic after) may not be as effective for the overall conditioning of an athlete.

Dynamically stretch first, then do your resistance/strength training, then do static stretching an deep breathing after.

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