The Psychological Effect Junk Food Causes For Weight Gain

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May 31, 2013 11:47pm

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Hi everyone, i just recently was doing some research on why we get these cravings for bad junk food and why we just can’t stop.

Well hopefully what i explain below makes sense to people so we can have a better understanding of why this occurs and how to stop and avoid it.

Let me know what you all think!

The Psychological Effect Junk Food Causes For Weight Gain

The psychological effect junk food causes for weight gain can be easily explained. It seems as though a fast food and junk food craze has swept the world over the last few decades.

While this may be a good thing for those seeking a way to live a more convenient lifestyle it is unfortunately a very unhealthy and even life threatening way to live. Fast food and junk food have been shown as being directly correlated to obesity and excessive weight gain.

One of the easiest ways to regain control of your weight is to simply toss the junk food into the trashcan. What most people do not realize is that fast food and “junk” type food is often highly addictive.

In fact, most junk food today is cleverly formulated to specifically target certain centers within the brain in a way that mimics other addictions such as cigarette smoking and drug use.

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The Science of Cravings

Everyone has experienced certain cravings for different kinds of food. For example, it is a widely known fact that pregnant women often crave anything from ice cream to pickles. However, junk food takes cravings to an entirely new level. In fact, junk food is carefully engineered to trigger cravings both physical and psychological.

The physical aspect of cravings comes from the naturally addicting substances such as fat, sugar and salt. When eaten these foods cause the body to crave more and more. That is why potato chips are such a hit.

Psychological factors of cravings with regard to junk food arise when someone deprives themselves of foods they enjoy, thus causing the opposite effect – wanting those foods even more.

Other factors that can be found at the root of cravings include hormonal imbalances and an imbalance in adrenal function. Stress and poor sleep patterns can trigger cravings for junk food. Overeating is another key trigger that can cause excessive cravings for junk foods.

Nutrition That Is Vital To Optimum Human Health

Because junk food is highly processed and laced with a wide range of synthetic chemicals it is by definition not natural and usually not good for human health. In addition, these chemicals are frequently designed in a lab to cause those eating this kind of food to crave more of the same kind of food.

While the man made chemicals in junk foods are very effective at accomplishing this goal, other factors contribute also. For example, salt, fat and sugar have an equally important role in “hooking” what would otherwise be healthy people on food that is devoid of the nutrition that is vital to optimum human health.

One key aspect of the effects of junk foods on the human body is that once put into motion this “junk food cycle” is commonly difficult to break. In other words, eating fast food and junk food causes a vicious cycle that tends to feed upon itself. The end result is often obesity, nutritional deficiency and disease.

Junk Food Can Quickly Hook An Individual

What begins as an innocent sampling of junk food can quickly turn into an addiction problem.

Just like addictive drugs, junk food can quickly hook an individual taking them down a path of uncontrollable weight gain and failing health.

Once the process is put into motion it perpetuates and accelerates to the point where obesity becomes accepted by the individual as a normal part of life. The sad truth about this unfortunate and unnatural situation is that most people that have a case of obesity do not even know that they have been fooled into their condition.

Smart and rather clever food manufacturers and marketers work very hard to design and craft foods that will quickly addict people.

You see it is really about money and profit today more than it is about helping to make the planet as a whole a place where everyone is in a state of peak health. This is unfortunate but it is a fact of modern society.

A Constant Desire To Eat More And More Food

Once an individual adopts this more natural way of eating cravings and addictions begin to subside. Next, the body begins to naturally seek its own correct weight.

Weight loss is effortless when you eat right and avoid foods that are considered junk food or fast food.

When we eat junk type foods that are devoid of the nutrients that are vital to human health our body craves more of certain types of foods. This aspect of junk food addiction is in addition to the cravings caused by the chemicals produced in a lab.

So in effect there are two forces working on people when they eat the wrong kinds of foods. One is the psychological aspect as we have discussed and the other is the physical body craving proper nutrition. This is at the core of what creates a constant desire to eat more and more food.

In other words, junk food is not capable of delivering to the human body the nutrients that it needs and desires so it keeps asking for more food until it gets what it needs. This can quickly become an endless cycle leading to obesity and runaway weight gain.

Break The Junk Food Addiction And Regain Your Health

However, there is good news for those who may be experiencing excessive weight gain and obesity. By simply adopting a diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and by making a conscious effort to steer clear of fast food and junk food you can easily break junk food addictions and regain your health.

Reversing the process does take a bit of effort and commitment but it is very possible to defeat the big food corporations at their own game.

The first step is to rid your home of the very foods that trigger this addictive behavior. Once these chemical laden foods are no longer in your home you can then set out on a course that will greatly improve your health.

Start by shopping more often and for better foods that are not processed and not canned, boxed or packaged. When shopping for food try to avoid the center isles of the grocery store and focus more on the produce section.

Junk Food Effects The Body Both Physically And Psychologically

The psychological effect junk food causes for weight gain is very real and must be considered by anyone serious about loosing unwanted and unhealthy weight.

Understanding how junk food effects the body both physically and psychologically is the first step in overcoming this widespread problem. With obesity and the diabetes that is caused by obesity at epidemic levels it is more important now than ever before for people to take control of their eating habits and their lives in general as a way to stop the cycle of overeating.

Achieving success and living a more healthy life is possible with a little bit of awareness and the conscious effort to eat correctly.

By eating correctly and avoiding fast food and junk food you too can feel better, think clearer and live better.

Living at your optimal weight and free of disease is well within your reach by simply following the ideas outlined here.

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