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Oct 12, 2011 10:30am

micalzon micalzon
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I started going to a gym here so that I have more access to free weights and a variety of cardio machines. I’ve been putting together a fairly organized workout plan that I think would work well: day 1 – arms and chest, day 2 – shoulders and back, etc. and incorporating a separate core workout 4 times a week as well. Historically, I’m like a lot of people where I do really well for the first few weeks and then get easily bored with my routine and convince myself that I just need to mix it up and do some different workouts at home, which never really happens and then I lose all interest in working out.

What I’m thinking about doing now is having a random workout when I go to the gym. My thought is is that I would go to the gym with something like 50 workouts on flashcards or something. Each day I would shuffle the cards and then pull 15 out and do those exercises. These 15 exercises would then be a random selection of arm, leg, ab, back, shoulder, chest, ect. workouts.

Are there any risks to doing something like this? Are there things I should try and avoid if I go about my workouts this way? I obviously wouldn’t want to overwork certain muscle groups so are there any ways to mix it up so that my “random” selection is more stratified at least? Let me know your thoughts.

Oct 12, 2011 12:49pm

jhGreg jhGreg
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Having flashcards is a great way to mix it up and keep your body guessing! Instead of picking 15 cards at random, I would suggest picking one or two exercises for each muscle group using your cards. You would get a full body workout while still randomizing your exercies and reduce the risk of overworking a certain area (like getting 15 arm cards in a day. Ouch!) You could also try spliting your days with upper and lower body exercises and alternate between them so your body gets a chance to rest.
Good Luck!

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