Review of Daily Burn - 2 Months Later

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Apr 26, 2011 7:52am

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I Ran 100 Miles!

It’s been about two months now since I started using Daily Burn. I feel like I’m now a little more level-headed about the pros and the cons of the site — at first I was all starry-eyed at all the features.

On the positive side, Daily Burn is about the best nutritional site of which I am aware, period. I used Weight Watchers online for a few years, but after achieving goal weight wanted something different to track my food. Daily Burn is excellent in that regard. The database is extensive, and the reports are colorful and very helpful. I’ve tried other nutritional sites, and nothing comes close to Daily Burn.

On the negative side, Daily Burn is weak for someone like me who is a wannabe athlete. I’m training for a half-marathon, so I want to schedule fitness routines developed by my trainer and log my miles and times. I’ve had to resort to using a second site to track the running and the workouts — Daily Burn just doesn’t provide the details necessary.

Now for someone who is primarily wanting to lose or manage weight, and track exercise on the side, Daily Burn would be a one-stop-shop.

So after two months, I plan to keep using Daily Burn to track my nutrition — the site itself and the iPhone apps that go with it are superb. For training, I am still looking for the site that best fits my needs. The Daily Mile and Training Peaks are both very close to what I require.

As a nutritional site, for the person wanting to lose weight or for the person training for a marathon, Daily Burn still rocks!

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