How to prevent Breast Cancer

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Jan 9, 2012 2:38am

shanrocks shanrocks
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There is nothing that has yet been scientifically proven to cause or prevent breast cancer; this includes specific foods and diets.

There are some known risk factors, but they ARE only risk factors; having one, some or all of them does not mean you will get breast cancer, and many, many people who are diagnosed with breast cancer have none of these risk factors. They are:

Genetic – but only 5-10% of breast cancers are genetic/hereditary.

Getting older is the greatest risk factor – approximately 80% of breast cancers occur in post-menopausal women (women aged over 50 years).

Having children at an older age or not at all. The more children a woman has may also slightly lower her risk. Breast-feeding helps protect against the disease. The longer a woman breastfeeds her children, the more she lowers her risk.

Starting periods at a younger than average age (under 12) or having a late menopause (after 55)
Taking the contraceptive pill or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) causes a small increase in risk. However, the risk gradually returns to normal after you stop taking them.

Being overweight (especially after the menopause).

Regularly drinking more than 1 unit of alcohol per day slightly increases the risk of breast cancer.

Having a previous diagnosis of breast cancer increases the risk of developing a new cancer in the other breast.

As I said though, someone may tick all of these boxes, and never get cancer.

You are likely to get answers claiming that certain diets will help prevent breast cancer. It’s easier for many people who haven’t had cancer to ‘blame the victim’, that is to put an individual’s cancer down to their lifestyle – diet, lack of exercise, stress,etc – than to accept that cancer is a random disease that can strike any of us at any time.

I have been a vegetarian most of my life and a vegan for 12 years. I eat organic fruit and veg, juice, exercise regularly, avoid caffeine and I have never smoked. None of this stopped me getting grade 3 breast cancer, nor did it cure me.
I would be foolish to rely on it preventing recurrence.

Be very wary of unsubstantiated testimonials and claims about preventing cancer through diet .

You say breast cancer runs in your family; do you know that you have the faulty gene, or might the cases in your family have been random, as most cases are? This is something it’s important for you to know.

Be breast aware, do regular self examination, and check out any changes to your breasts with your doctor..

Jun 18, 2012 1:59am

jim123 jim123
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I got some ideas by which we can prevent breast cancer naturally:-
Natural breast cancer prevention requires making some lifestyle changes. Here are the eight most important steps to prevent breast cancer.
1. Be physically active every day. Research shows that women who exercise for at least 30 to 45 minutes a day have a 20-40% lower risk of developing breast cancer than those who are inactive.

2. Eat a cancer prevention diet. To prevent breast cancer, eat a super healthy diet. Increase your phytonutrients (plant nutrients) by eating plenty of highly nutritious vegetables, fruits, whole grains, seeds, nuts and beans, with a focus on the cancer prevention foods below.
High fiber foods help reduce cancer-causing forms of estrogen in your bloodstream and can decrease breast cancer risk up to 54%. Healthy high fiber foods include fresh fruits, whole grains, beans and vegetables rich in carotenoid, flavonoid and cruciferous phytonutrients.
Soybeans and healthy soy products such as tofu, tempeh and miso have been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer. But avoid highly sweetened and refined soy products, such as soymilk and soy oils.
Allium vegetables, such as garlic, onions and leeks, help neutralize cancer-causing free radicals and prevent cancer cells from multiplying. They are among the best foods to eat to prevent breast cancer. For optimum allium benefits, eat allium foods raw as often as possible.
3. Reach and maintain a healthy weight. Studies show that excess weight is a breast cancer risk factor. But research also shows the risk is mainly related to the high glycemic sweets, sugary drinks and other highly refined carbohydrates, which tend to lead to being overweight.

4. Eliminate or limit alcohol consumption. Studies show people who drink two or more alcoholic beverages a day develop breast cancer at nearly twice the rate as those who drink no alcohol at all. And the risk of breast cancer increases with each additional drink.

5. Don’t smoke or breathe in smoke. Women who smoke or are constantly exposed to second-hand smoke are up to 40% more likely to develop breast cancer. But quitting rapidly improves your statistics.

6. Decrease fat intake and eat healthy fats. A diet high in fat, especially trans fat, is linked to a higher rate of breast cancer. But monounsaturated and fish oils are linked to lower rates of breast cancer. Reduce overall fat to 25-30% of calories. Eliminate trans fat, decrease saturated fats and increase your intake of olive oil and omega 3 fish oil.

7. Reduce your exposure to carcinogens. Avoid cancer-causing foods, unnecessary x-rays, taking hormone replacement therapy, inhaling or physical contact with insecticides, herbicides or other carcinogens.

8. Take high quality nutritional supplements. To prevent breast cancer and other diseases you need supplements that include all the essential vitamins and minerals. Particularly helpful for reducing your risk of breast cancer are vitamins A, D, E and cruciferous.

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Aug 3, 2012 2:15am

clintoncerejo clintoncerejo
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Thanks Shanrocks & jim123 for sharing this helpful information…..

Sep 19, 2012 9:51am

sidorkrylov sidorkrylov
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On the other hand, as soon as the breast cancer tissues are diagnosed in the terminal phase, there’s a higher risk for much more damaging health complications. In fact, on some situations, terminal breast cancer will cause death. Long-term options are necessary to prevent yourself from acquiring these breast cancer cells. It’s fundamental to discuss a life-long prevention plan to overcome breast cancer.

Sep 19, 2012 9:51am

sidorkrylov sidorkrylov
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Even though many may think Breast Cancer Awareness is not all that important, it is.  Awareness raises money, helps others to take the time to get examined, and will one day be the reasons a cure is found.

Sep 19, 2012 9:51am

sidorkrylov sidorkrylov
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The other thing that awareness does is it creates a bit of a domino effect.  If you wear a pink ribbon and hand out five more pink ribbons to others to wear, then they do the same.  It will eventually become a large amount of people with pink ribbons.

Sep 19, 2012 9:52am

sidorkrylov sidorkrylov
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With a healthy and balanced body weight, effective diet, and physical exercise, you can drastically limit the risk of breast cancer to a lowest degree. You can simply improve your diet, how much you exercise, and how much you drink to assist you to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Suggestions for a healthy diet plan and exercise programs are easily obtainable on the web.

Sep 19, 2012 9:53am

sidorkrylov sidorkrylov
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Most wives are often scared of breast cancer. The growing number of breast cancer circumstances throughout the planet has started a global fear amongst women.

Every lady has a risk, in one way or another, of developing the particular cancer of the breast Cancer of the breast however is treatable using invasive surgery options. Nonetheless, in worst case situation, particularly in instances of terminal breast cancer, death may happen. Prevention is definitely better than any cure.

Early Diagnosis – The Only Thing Which Can Determine The Success Of Your Breast Cancer Prevention

Regardless if you are old or young, you must undergo a screening procedure.

Early prognosis can be your smartest choice for breast cancer screening. Detecting the breast cancer tissues in their early developing stages can really help save your own life. Probably the most advantageous element which you can get from an early medical diagnosis is that you can benefit from many therapies and the possibility of removing the cancer tissues is incredibly high. On the other hand, as soon as the breast cancer tissues are diagnosed in the terminal phase, there’s a higher risk for much more damaging health complications. In fact, on some situations, terminal breast cancer will cause death. Long-term options are necessary to prevent yourself from acquiring these breast cancer cells. It’s fundamental to discuss a life-long prevention plan to overcome breast cancer.

However, if you can’t manage to pay for this method and when your options are limited, you need to explore other alternative processes to enable you to perform your own self-examination. You need to familiar with the skill of performing a self-breast examination. By perfecting this technique, you have a higher probability of finding the cancer cells before they can lead to further difficulties inside you.

If you can skillfully carry out breast self-examination without the assistance of your physician, then you can certainly make sure that you are in the right track of avoiding breast cancer. In order for you to have a complete self-examination, you have to be informed about how your breasts appear.

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