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Dec 11, 2009 9:36pm

amber388 amber388
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is it advised to work out during menstration? I always feel really weak when i do.

Dec 11, 2009 9:57pm

dianebl dianebl
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You shouldn’t be restricted at all by menstruating. If you feel weak, it is possible you aren’t getting enough iron, or you aren’t eating enough.

Personally, I feel better if I exercise. Endorphins are a great way to make cramps go away.

Dec 12, 2009 12:26pm

ThriveFit ThriveFit
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I agree with dianebl. I used to have the worst cramps. Ever since I started exercising and eating well the cramps have disappeared. She’s right, if you don’t get enough iron that could be it.

Dec 12, 2009 2:06pm

TheAng TheAng
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Exercising seems to really help me out too, I feel better if I can get in some nice cardio work when I’m having cramp problems. If you feel weak it might be something else – lack of sleep, the aforementioned iron thing, not eating enough good foods.. etc etc

Dec 12, 2009 9:54pm

cccc cccc
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That really depends on women. I don’t think we are in control. Healthy lifestile can’t hurt, but may not do much for that matter.
Here again :
Some women feel very few effects, others have to stay several days in their bed. Each should see with her doctor.

But in general, you have to avoid :

-any exercise that puts the head under the level of your heart, because blood texture changes during that period and you may get too much blood reaching the brain, which is not recommened. That one is for everybody, even if you feel perfectly well, don’t do the reverse yoga positions the first days.

-intensive exercise (like HIIT) in the first, and sometimes even, 3 first days, if you have heavy menstruation. You can get headaches and migraine easily.

-especially if you train on your own, carrying heavy stuff, doing risky balance figures, scuba-diving, etc because if you suddenly felt muscle weakness, you’d drop, fall, etc, you can hurt yourself.

But you can always do slower pace training. I walk a little,
swim at slow pace or I do easy yoga, that helps feeling better even if that’s just psychological. But I don’t believe in work-out more on sore muscles.

To minimize weakness :
Stay away from all medicine that liquifies the blood.
You probably don’t get enough iron, my doctor considers 100% of women during periods get anemia due to lack of iron.
Such days, you should totally ban tea, especially green tea, especially during meals as tea has a substance that blocks the effect of iron. Coffee on the other hand is great, it doesn’t effect iron, and it’s a natural pain-killer.

I have very short and heavy menstruations (2 big days, then it’s over), and the first day, that makes me totally weak, anyway. No matter how fit I feel the day before, that morning my muscles are sore like when I have the flu, I cannot even climb the stairs, it’s crazy ! That’s the only supplement I take, a few iron tablets in the first days, but it’s like a placebo as it seems our body don’t take much of tablet supplements. I drink parsley juice, I eat chicken liver associated with fresh fruits rich in C vitamines, low-fat cocoa (have problems to digest lots of fat chocolate) and my usual food is as rich in iron as possible. That doesn’t change much, the loss is so abundant and I can’t eat a bowl of
irong filings. LOL

So I eat small amounts of sugar, every hour or two, plus a strong coffee. Or Coke. I need that to do my daily activities, otherwise I fall asleep on my table or I have hypoglycemic crisis, fainting (which never occur to me otherwise) and people asking “are you sure you’re not pregnant ?”. Couldn’t be more sure.
If I want to do sports (sometimes calendar is infortunate, if
that happens in the middle of a trekking), I eat twice as usual, that’s the only thing I’ve found. Well, I am resurrected totally the next day.

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