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Feb 7, 2010 8:31pm

fishyyyy fishyyyy
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i just want opinions, good or not?
not necessarily as a weight loss thing, are they good as a health supplement? or should they just be avoided?

Feb 17, 2010 8:40pm

Grits Grits
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I Lost 10 Lbs! I Lost 5 Lbs!

I am taking the new Quick Trim created by the Kardashian’s, and it has acia berry in them. To me, you have to follow the diet and exercise plan along with any supplement you take for it to work. This supplement I take is suppose to burn more calories as you workout, so if you take them and don’t work out, then they are useless. Many people don’t understand that they just can’t sit around and expect weight to fall off by taking the pill and not doing anything. You have got to be active! I was doing great when I first started this in January, but I got off track, but now I found this website to help motivate me better, so my weight should come off even better. To let you know how well the pills were working, I lost 3 inches off my waist and lost a total of 10lbs in 2 weeks. This was just by using the ab circle pro 3 minutes a day. Today I am starting all over and I am really boosting myself up on the exercise and staying within my goal calorie intake. Shouldn’t be long before I am back on track! Can’t wait!

Mar 2, 2010 7:45am

wedzir wedzir
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Acai is not a magic bullet for weightloss. Neither are all kind of other supplements. There is no real magic bullet. When you start on a diet and lose a lot of pounds in the first to weeks you are mainly losing water. To lose a pound of fat you would have to burn of around 3500 Kcal extra on what you are eating and using for daily activities. You can acomplish that by eating less, moving more or a combination of those. It is possible to trow in an expensive liquid for a good feeling but the effect comes from diet and/or excersise :)
have a look at this article…

May 3, 2010 6:28am

Kristenmickel Kristenmickel
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Yes, Acai berries are one of the best pills to lose weight. I don’t agree with wedzir about his opinion but yes he has his own opinion and experiences regarding the Acai berries. It’s all depend on the person to whom it suits or not..As it suited to me..The Acai Berry is certainly an amazing health benefit. Acai berry fruit is used in a broad variety of health foods and other common consumer products like ice cream, and is the main food used with an acai berry diet.
So it’s depend on you to whom you want to follow…

May 5, 2010 6:42am

andalus andalus
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I Lost 5% I Lost 35 Lbs! I Lost 20 Lbs! I Lost 5 Lbs! I Lost 10 Lbs! I Burned 5,000 Calories!

Acai berry seems like a fad at best – one study on it’s effects consists of a whole 12 people. This doesn’t look to me like a a very big or vigorous investigation on the science behind this. And I would guess it was paid for by the company that sells the berries. Seems like it’s just something to keep people spending their cash on until the company comes out with the next miracle tablet that promises to give people something for nothing. The best supplements for health are just boring and don’t give the supplement companies much to market and make cash from e.g eating a proper diet with lots of good fat, and veggies.

May 13, 2010 4:04pm

rdowns2506 rdowns2506
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Pistol Whipped I Burned 25K Calories! I Biked 100 Miles! I Burned 5,000 Calories!

Acai Berry is pretty much just another scamto make people lots of money. (Sorry Kristenmickel) There is actually no real proof that it does ANYTHING. The only place you hear about how great it is is in the adds selling it and the “Testimonials”.
1 – Someone comes up with a new fad like this and about a bazillion other companies start selling it too. Even some of the big name companies start producing it to get their piece of the pie. Although you dont see these big companies putting their reputations on the line by promoting it. Most of the big brand names that have stooped to selling it say in their description. “Many believe it helps with weight loss” or somethign along those lines.
2 – IF it were the real miracle weight loss it claims to be in oh so many adds you would be seeing it ALL OVER the news and there would be millions of people by now with their testimonies. Not just a hand full for each add. It would be WAYYYY more popular and talked about all over the world.
There may be some who have “good experience” from taking it but its more likely a placebo effect than the berries really doing anything more than any other fruit / berries.

You can even find “News Articles” talking about how so and so lost a bunch of weight…blablabla. It looks like a real news article and to prove its real they added icons on the page for CNN, 60 minutes, etc. BUT when you try to shut down the page….Up pops a woo hoo you just won a free trial of acai berry. and when you try to close that it takes you to a page selling guess what ? Acai berry.
I wish it WERE real but I’m afraid its not.
Like the old addage says,“If its too good to be true, it probably is.”

May 13, 2010 4:32pm

rdowns2506 rdowns2506
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Pistol Whipped I Burned 25K Calories! I Biked 100 Miles! I Burned 5,000 Calories!

Ok another minute on the soap box please.
Because scams like this just pi$$ me off so bad I went to look around a little.
If you do a search for acai berry or even acai berry scam you will come up with TONS of links. Even the ones that say scam or hoax talk about how they investigated and found it claims to be ture IT WORKS woot! The world is saved from obesity!
If you no matter where the article came from its not anything youve ever heard of before. Who knew there were so many research labs and news stations (they dont ever tell you what city or even what state these tv stations are in. But hey, if “Channel 6” says its true it must be for real. right?
What you will find is that not ONE of the links is from an actual research lab or news agency that anyone has ever heard of.
NOW, You want to find out the truth? Go to an news agency that you know and search for Acai berry. If anything pops up it will either debunk the hoax or just state what people are claiming about Acai berry.
For example: I went to Consumer reports. Everyone knows consumer reports and it is highly trusted. Once their I searched ACAI BERRY. It gave me 5 results.

Here they are:
You searched for “acai berry”
See results from: (4)
News & Advice

5 ways to shop smarter
…too-good-to-be-true offers for free trials of “miracle” Acai berry supplements and other products that don’t live up to their…
From: Shopping

Reservations about resveratrol and acai berry promotions
…sites promoting products supposedly containing the antioxidant resveratrol and antioxidant-rich acai berry juice have been springing up across the Internet. Some vendors are…
From: Consumer Reports Money & Shopping Blog

Online news: Consumer Reports Investigates
…site. Weekly Diet Report was actually a front to push an acai-berry diet pill and colon cleanser. The deviousness of such “advertorials” is…

*Two Controversial Supplements – from Consumer Reports *
…concerns about some fo the tactics used to sell reveratrol and acai berry products have cause controversy. CR Podcast
From: Press Room

*Watch out for sneaky ads on social-networking sites *
…ads and Web sites that use Oprah’s name to sell acai berry supplements as weight-loss miracles. Despite the warning, these ads are…
From: Consumer Reports Money & Shopping Blog

Not sounding good is it? So I clicked on the 1st link and this is what I got- (3rd paragraph down)

3- Watch out for scams!
We’ve warned about too-good-to-be-true offers for free trials of “miracle” Acai berry supplements and other products that don’t live up to their advertising hype but saddle you with credit-card bills.* Now those fake free trials have shown up on the Better Business Bureau’s list of the biggest consumer scams of 2009*. Others on the list: lottery scams that look like legit sweepstakes offers, mystery-shopper job offers, debt assistance that costs you money, and work-from-home “opportunities” supposedly for Google and Twitter.

Heres a link to consumer reports -…

Ok, now I feel better. back down off the soap box. Thanks for your time. Its just these ….people, for lack of a more descriptive word I could use on this forum that make millions off of peoples hopes/desires for a real miracle solution just really make my skin crawl.

Note- Why do all these links pop up supporting Acai berries and nothing shows up in the 1st several hundred linkls at least to dispute it? Because the companies making millions pay other companies to make sure their links pop up 1st in the search results.

May 20, 2010 5:40pm

rdowns2506 rdowns2506
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Pistol Whipped I Burned 25K Calories! I Biked 100 Miles! I Burned 5,000 Calories!

HAhah.. There you go. A “REVIEW” thats actually just trying to get people to buy their product.

Oct 21, 2011 5:20pm

ChuckTe ChuckTe
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Just tried p-boost after reading some reviews about it. Worked good but pretty pricey. The trial was free but you have to pay for the shipping which was quick. Anyone know any coupon codes for

Nov 19, 2011 7:24am

dianaalbert dianaalbert
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May 16, 2012 8:06am

dannwhite dannwhite
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Thanks for sharing good info.

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