Comparing Beldt to OxyElite Pro

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Jan 25, 2013 1:12am

calgal629 calgal629
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I have used OxyElite Pro and it has definitiely helped my weight loss, but I get very, very jittery on just one Oxy capsule in the morning. I read about Beldt and ordered a bottle but am now concerned about the “amping up” that it might cause after reading its label. Oxy’s ingredients total 219.5mg and Beldt’s total 695.92mg. I understand that the ingredients are different but I’m afraid to take one Beldt capsule if it amps me up any more than the Oxy. Does anyone have any experience with these two supplements? I’m 5’6" at 135 pounds, 66 years old and in excellent health with no medical problems and not taking any medications. I appreciate anyone’s experience in this area. Thank you.

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