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Read this to get up to date on Geek Fit Seattle http://andrewwoods.net/blog/2009/06/05/geek-fit-seattle/ The secret to success with fitness is a combination of collaboration and independence. This means we work together, but in a way that adapts to our individual lives. Its a hybrid of Meetup and Daily Burn. In fact, we would use both of those sites to coordinate. I’m calling it Geek Fit Seattle. It works like this: On Meetup, I set up various events like a Green Lake run, a bike ride on the Burke Gilman trail and people sign up for the events that interest them. After we complete the event, update your Daily Burn account with the info. Simple. The other side of this is accountability - to keep each other accountable and on track with the goals we say we want to achieve, to motivate and cheer on our friends, while making everyone healthier. The goal is for everyone to gain the fitness level and lose the weight they desire. Please join us at http://www.meetup.com/Geek-Fit-Seattle/


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