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Just a group of Martial Artists that are trying to get healthy! Share your stories of progress and setbacks. Any and all Martial Arts are welcome: Aikido Bando Thaing Capoeira Chanbara Choi Kwang Do Choi Kwang Do Daito Ryu Aiki Bujutsu Gatka Haidong Gumdo Hapkido Hwa Rang Do Iaido Jeet Kune Do Ju Jitsu Judo Kajukenbo Kalarippayattu Kali Silat Karate Kendo Kickboxing Kobudo Krav Maga Kuk Sool Won Kumdo Kung Fu Kyudo Mowie Di Do Muay Thai Naginata Ninjutsu Savate Shaolin Kempo Shintaido Shorinji Kempo Shotokan Karate Silambam Soo Bahk Do Stav Sumo Tae Kwon Do, TaeKwonDo, TKD T'ai Chi Chuan Taido Tang Soo Do Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Wing Chun Boxing


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7 calorie goals met this past week.


7 calorie goals met this past week.

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30 lbs Lost

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