Whats the best way to realistically lose 90 lbs

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I lost about 45 lbs about 4 years ago on Weightwatchers.  This DailyBurn community seems more effective... I now have a realistic view of how much I weigh and how horrible I look!  I have let myself go big time!   I would like to jump start my diet soon... what's the best way (and expected timeframe) to pull of 90 lbs?

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Losing Weight

Hey Bro:

I'm not sure why you want to lose the weight, for me it was a combination self image and more importantly to get rid of diabetes. I di an extremely rigid diet and lots of exercise.

This site is awesome to help keep me motivated. I like using the calendar especially.



Posted by tjmorris on Jan. 28, 2011 at 12:16PM


Diet Ideas

I have always had the most success with diets that limit carbs because it forces you to make better food choices when bread, pasta and sugar aren't options.

I am currently following the Slow Carb diet as described in The 4 Hour body.


Posted by jilltech on Feb. 04, 2011 at 01:59PM


4 Hour Body

I agree with both of the previous posters, except I don't think lots of exercise is always the answer, but the right kind of exercise. The Slow Carb Diet is just a reworking of Atkins. Atkins used to sound crazy, but after the initial 2 weeks of "no carbs" on Atkins, its very much like Ferriss' Slow Carb Diet. I have worked out a lot over the years. I can bench press 300# with no problem, but couldn't drop the fat because of bad diet. I look at people in the gym doing hour upon hour of cardio...and they never seem to improve. Saggy skin and no muscle tone. Cross-Fit is the big thing in exercise where I live. Check it out. I'm sure you can find it near you. Kettlebells are a big part of Cross-Fit. Works all the major muscles and incorporates muscle building and a lot of fat burning cardio. Good luck. I'm like you, getting refocused. Eighteen years I looked like a bodybuilder....let it all go to pot.

Posted by bahiablk on Feb. 05, 2011 at 12:04PM