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Can anyone point me to good discussion or articles on whether creatine is safe for prolonged use?  I am interested in professional medical opinions.

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Men's Health article

Here's one of the best (trusted) guides I've found on the supplement.  I did a lot of research before taking it myself over the summer and it seems to be completely safe.  The only well-documented side effect is some weight gain (not much, and it's supposedly just water weight).  Otherwise I've read all sorts of additional health benefits besides just helping you build muscle faster.

I stopped taking it only because I wanted to focus more on weight loss (and I didn't have time to work out anymore).  But while I was taking it I did see some good results.  Creatine is one of the only supplements that have been consistently shown to be effective.

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link messed up

hm.. the link looks all messed up

Just put this into google and the article I'm taking about is the first one listed: creatine

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It works

You have to cycle on and off of the stuff but it really does work.  You will notice some weight gain, but as was stated before, it's only water.  It actually traps the water in your muscles so you will see an appreciable size difference when taken about 20 min before a workout.  You must also drink quite a bit of water during your workout.  In fact, you will find yourself drinking quite a bit more that you ever have.  It's all good though as your body is simply trapping that water in the muscle tissue.  This has the benficial side effect of helping your recovery time.  Personally, I have noticed more reps as a key benefit. 

Since creatinine is naturally occuring in your body anyway, you are only supplementing what your body makes naturally.  When you are working out, your body uses the amount of creatine that it makes on it's own; therefore, you need more creatine since you are doing more work.  However, you can trick your body by taking it for too long.  If you supplement too long, your body will slow it's natural prduction of the stuff.  So, it is wise to cycle on and off by alternating: one month on, one month off.

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Yes its safe.  Although it should be known there are many different types of Creatine.  I have taken Mono for about 6th months, but now take CEE (Creatine Ethyl Ester). It is a good idea to drink lots of water, just for life, but especially if working out a lot, even more so if taking any type of creatine.Yes its safe.  Although it should be known there are many different types of Creatine.  I have taken Mono for about 6th months, but now take CEE (Creatine Ethyl Ester). It is a good idea to drink lots of water, just for life, but especially if working out a lot, even more so if taking any type of creatine.

Creatine will help your muscles get rid of the acid burn feeling, and there for lift with less recovery time.  This helps get the most out of your workouts, but Creatine alone (without regular strenuous workouts) will do nothing but cause you to gain water weight.  In my meaningless opinion (what I think has no bearing on what is actually true in science nutrition: every year new studies come out), creatine is really only needed if you want to truly push yourself past your limits.  Just to get stronger or stay in shape, I would save the money, but if your goal is to murder yourself every workout, creatine will allow you to push yourself further before you collapse.  And Yes, after a Chest day workout, I literally cannot push open the door to get out of the gym.  I have to use my back.

So bottom line, creatine is safe, and helps in some situations, but no supplement replaces plain hard repetitive work.  No supplement will make hard work easier. The few that actually do anything just keep your muscles working a tad bit longer, so you can get every drop of benefit from your workout before they give out and need to recover.

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yup, good reputation in the UK

you might want to try some research on Rugby teams in the UK, many of our players (maybe even the majority) take creatine in surprisingly high dosages and for long cycles, i think might have links to long term usage studies

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nothing to worry about

i've been taking it for year and had no problems as long as you drink enough water you will be fine

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Another creatine user

I have been taking creatine on and off for about a year.  I read up about side effects, etc., but made my decision to try it out.  I am using the creatine monohydrate typically taken at evening (5g) "dissolved" in warmed up red grape juice.  I have just finished a 12 week cycle with it - I am now taking a 4 week break.

However, after reading some of the earlier posts I may reduce my cycle to 8 weeks with 4 weeks off.  I have had no adverse reaction (so far) but am aware of "tampering" with the body's complex feedback system i.e. adding extra creatine may affect the body's production of it. Same goes with any testosterone enhancer.  Perhaps I better stop taking the tribulus and horny goatweed tablets as well. Oops!


Does creatine work? My performance has gradually increased over the last 2.5 years. I started taking training seriously 1.5 years ago.  I have taken creatine for a year and have had significant gains in the year.  However, I have been training harder as well. At the tender age of 42 I am (naturally) suffering with lowered testosterone levels and was assuming strength and muscle gains would be very difficult.  I am gradually getting stronger and gradually gaining muscle. Perhaps the creatine is working in allowing me the extra rep or 2.  Weight gain hasn't been an issue - I have been stable over the last year or so. And yes, I do drink extra water whenver I can.

That's my thoughts on the subject.

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