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This.. label fits glove to Michael Chrysohoidis. Exactly why?

As they say his colleagues, even if it is decided elect a new president with the Parliamentary Group and not the base wants George Papandreou will participate again properly!

In comparison, the other Andreas Loverdos comes with broken with, so it can be interesting that delfinomachia in the background... Evangelos Venizelos and I want him!

Black Christmas is likely to do there PASOK with minds that will be carrying!

That have lost offspring and lilac PASOK there is absolutely no room for doubt, enough to devote a while to read the promises of senior staff to determine the chaotic spacing!

These added an extended terms, this time by Mimis Androulakis, which of late has gotten harrow options and radios, who told "Radio nine" advocated a "radical transformation" of PASOK to help rid from 'bad habits barons, gardeners, princes... »!!!

"This area has to be done by-pass, leading to seek expression after the elections within a much younger generation, " he said when asked about in the mail in PASOK and expressed the view that the party may present an election another narration: "I brand-new faces and convincingly, "because he said" we are in the midst of a bankruptcy proceeding and a crisis of representation, to a great realization of the correlations which requires brand-new expressions. "

Asked whether this will be done with or even without Mr. Papandreou, Mr Androulakis sent a reply that: "I do not necessarily know. Let's find them together. Coming Papandreou along with the referendum to make this election process? It seems a little difficult this. "

The hard part is not really what Mr Sacconi! The hard part may be to believe the current strains of PASOK and also the Members of that tomorrow while using the same or another cloak may stand in politics...

Cause concern in south west latter options with Lucas Papademos and Hardouvelis Capsis take place in the government program.

The Avenue is not convinced that new economic advisor to the Prime Minister to abandon abdominal muscles high positions in Eurobank and also the University for a single month and the same applies if Capsis in whose career in journalism country may be interrupted for a short time.

Commonly, the Southwest believe that the transitional prime minister make moves to be able to remain in power for years and "no more lasting the temporary" is part of his professional journey to go out with.

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