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  • 2bahottie

    Week 7

    Still struggling for motivation. Tis a rainy, Monday and I am so sleepy. I need to excercise tonight.

    Posted over 8 years ago by 2bahottie

  • 2bahottie

    Week 6

    This is bull crap. I should be atleast 10 pounds less than when I started. I am so tired of worrying about excercising and eating right and only doing it half-ass. Here we are in the middle of February and I am still dragging my feet. Enough already! Clean up your diet and focus on 5 days a week. By my birthday ( Week 11) I better be 10 pounds less. I know that the weekends are wrecking my progress during the week. I need to refocus the energy I have for wanting a drink to doing some projects around the house. I would like to paint the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. I promise to limit my drinking to one night on the weekend until Week 11. Then, maybe alternate weekends, baby steps. It is not that I am an alocholic, but I know that having any alcohol totally destroys your metabolism not to mention your will when it comes to making good food choices. It is ca complete derailment. I have to minimize this impact if I want to make a change.

    Posted over 8 years ago by 2bahottie

  • 2bahottie

    Week 5

    Well....this past week has completely sucked! Not only did I not excercise, I did not stick with my diet (not even close!) I feel like I have fallen off the wagon and pressed for time. Hell, summer is around the corner and I am still dragging my feet. Bull sh@t! Today is a new day to a new week. I have not weighed in a while and will not do so until the end of February. I should be able to reach my first goal by then. Stay focused Holly. You can do it! Stayed up late watching the Super Bowl and I am so exhausted, but I am going to drag my ass to class this afternoon no matter what! Forgive myself for last week, let it go, and focus on doing the best that I can today!

    Posted over 8 years ago by 2bahottie

  • jgreg65

    You can do it!

    Just beat down that little man in your head that says you cant.

    Posted over 8 years ago by jgreg65

  • 2bahottie

    Week 4

    PS - a lady at work told me that I "looked skinny" today. That is encouraging.

    Posted over 8 years ago by 2bahottie

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