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from Rexburg, Idaho (Planet Fitness- Orem)

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  • Andy12345


    Looking to get into decent shape before my return to BYUI

    Posted 4 months ago by Andy12345

  • Andy12345


    Recent confrontation has put me back on the cardiovascular health path.

    Posted 9 months ago by Andy12345

  • Andy12345


    Shedding weight and getting more fit on a daily basis, as long as I continue to train hard and diet I will continue to transform my body and prepare myself for my fight. Coach was impressed with the power and technique behind my leg kicks the other day, that is very motivating for me and I will continue to push hard to improve both my stand up and my grappling techniqe and my conditioning level.

    Posted about 1 year ago by Andy12345

  • Andy12345


    Over a year since I was last active on this website, just rediscovered it and intend on continuing to monitor my nutrition progress, and my weight. Not unlike last time, the motivating factor that brought me here was a girls lack of reciprocated affection. Regardless, I intend on continuing to take advantage of this excellent resource for tracking the nutrition content of the food I eat and the exercise I get. I began the day with a kale shake, full of nutrition and only about 400 calories. Later I will be getting an upper body lift, and then going for a short jog. Hopefully this will clean my body of the alcohol and cigarette smoke that I have been putting inside it lately.

    Posted about 1 year ago by Andy12345

  • Andy12345


    Back on track exercising. Not really dieting, just doing cardio each day. This will be good for me and hopefully will accelerate the healing process from my mono. I hardly ever lift weights so my strength and overall definition has gone down significantly but I still enjoy the benefits of cardio exercise and I will begin incorporating weight training when I feel my body and mind are ready. I have a new, super nice pair of running shoes from Christmas and those seemed to solve my ankle pain problem. Those old piece of garbage shoes were causing damage to my ankles and shins, but this fancy pair of running shoes I have is really doing the trick. Not to mention this new Ipod touch with Pandora means I always get to listen to new music when I am running. Sweet.

    Posted over 3 years ago by Andy12345


Sex: Male

Age: 22

Weight: 195 lbs

Height: 5ft 10in (178 cm)


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