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from Woodbridge, Virginia (Pitbull Garage)

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. FDR"

Barefoot Finisher I Lost 10 Lbs! I Walked 100 Miles! Super-Ripped I Lost 10% I Burned 5,000 Calories! Super Walker I Lost 5% I Lost 5 Lbs! I Did 1,000 Pushups!
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  • niner57


    I took the first set the day I started going to the gym. You won't notice much change from week to week, but taking pictures monthly seems to show progress. I ended up taking the two pictures (front and side view) into photoshop so I could make them into one pic for that day. Good luck with the pictures and the paleo diet.

    Posted over 3 years ago by niner57

  • Benergy


    I've been working out a little more recently. Its made me a whole lot hungrier, which in turn has blown my diet all to hell. i think i'm going to change things up a bit. I'm looking at trying Paleo. We'll see how it works.

    Posted over 3 years ago by Benergy

  • Benergy

    None of my clothes fit

    Its pretty funny. I never realized that my waist size had crept up that much. I had to dig up some old jeans the other day. I'm lucky that I'm a pack rat & I didnt throw those old clothes out. On the exercise front, I started Kettlebell workouts and found out that I had been squatting incorrectly all those years. I can definately feel the difference.

    Posted over 3 years ago by Benergy

  • JosieF

    Back again lol

    Looks like I took another break so going to start back at this again. Hope you are well and doing good!

    Posted over 3 years ago by JosieF

  • niner57

    Good Luck!

    You seem happy with your progress and I wish you much continued success. Keep your eye on the prize... the next mile marker or the finish line, whatever keeps you motivated!

    Posted over 3 years ago by niner57

About Me

Hit 41 in March and finally took a long look at myself. I've really let myself go since my days in the service, and I've decided to quit being lazy. Marine Corps Bootcamp was 90 days of pure hell that left me feeling superhuman, so I'm giving myself about that long to Bring the Beast Back!


Sex: Male

Age: 44

Weight: 203.3 lbs

Height: 5ft 10in (178 cm)