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  • bhoussian

    Today so far

    Sitting at 980 cals taken in today through breakfast and lunch. I plan on havign a chicken breast or a soup for dinner which would be right around 300 cals and i also plan on having some BEER. It's been over a week and I really want some. I am planning around it. The beer is 600cals / 6-pack and add that on top of 980+300 dinner +600 beer and we're looking at 1880 for the day, which is OK.

    Posted over 6 years ago by bhoussian

  • bhoussian

    Updated weight...

    I weighed myself this morning and it was at 256.4. I had overestimated my weight of 265 earlier and I need to change my goals accordingly.

    Posted over 6 years ago by bhoussian

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27 year old IT worker and student looking to drop 50+ pounds.

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