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  • bmtrnavsky

    Red Robin for lunch...

    Today was a BIG test. I went to Red Robin for lunch and did GREAT! i had a Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wrap without the ranch, cheese, or tortilla strips and that cut 600 Calories off the sandwich! Holy COW! I also had half a cup of chili instead of fries and a glass of unsweetened tea. Red Robin has a GREAT web site that lets you customize your meal and get nutrition info. I could not believe the chicken wrap most people thought of as healthy was 1100 calories BEFORE you have a drink or fries! It was still delicious and I got 43.5 grams of lean protein with only 18 grams of fat. Woot!

    Posted over 5 years ago by bmtrnavsky

  • bmtrnavsky

    legas and back today...

    It was onr of the quickest hours of the program. No repetition. Just one hour of leg shattering pain with some pull-ups to give the legs a break. Good times! I was in a hurry so I'll have to do Ab Ripper when I get home. Tony Horton is awesome... I cant think of a better way to start the day! He is so inspiring and motivating.

    Posted over 5 years ago by bmtrnavsky

  • Grits


    Yeah I love this site! IT is great to see the support people give! It really makes my day! Well my work out today was a little tougher since I was soar and I started pmsing, but that didn't stop me, I have to do my workout one more time and I will be happy. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow! But being on this site and being able to lay out the facts right in front of me, helps me to want to come back and chart more and more to see how I am doing! I never thought a web site is what I needed to stay on track, thank goodness I came accross it! I see you had your first day of Yoga, that is funny cause today I downloaded an app on my phone that has yoga positions on it, and I was trying some of them for stretches before I worked out, and my gosh I can't believe how hard some of those posses are for me, I use to be so flexable in high school, it makes me realize how bad of shape I have gotten myself in. But keep up the good work. You sound like you are doing great!

    Posted over 5 years ago by Grits

  • Jeff51

    One other thing

    Are you drinking lots of water throughut the day? As it relates to working out, if you are anywhere dehydrated you body will retian even more as it works to repair muscles. So again drink your water as it will cause the body not to retain it and begin the elimination of it that is have squirrled away. Still..keep the faith as weight loss will come.

    Posted over 5 years ago by Jeff51

  • Jeff51

    No I didn't but....

    I had been on an elliptical and doing abs for 3 weeks prior, so had lost weight and was in losing mode (if there is such a thing) . However the week I started 90X I did not lose a single pound, might have even added one. Need to remember this that when you start and get sore, not uncommon for body to retain water, body way of speeding healing. Anyway 2nd week loss was slow but has since picked up. Don't despair! Trust in it and bust your ass brother.

    Posted over 5 years ago by Jeff51