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"This is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will. 5% pleasure, 50% pain and a hundred percent reason to remember the name."

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    Not written in ages. Just an update for myself. I did at one point after coming back from Belgium in August, hit 117.something lbs. But it dropped off so fast it wasn't right and I gained back again. I didn't diet for about 2/3weeks and ate pizza on at least 4 occasions during this time but still only hit 119.2lbs when weighing myself some time last week. Its now Tuesday 14th October 2014 and I am 119.2 lbs still. Glad I didn't gain weight in the past 2 to 3months though, means my body isn't drastically adapted to low calories as I didn't gain too much from overdoing the calories and slacking on the diet. Of course I still haven't hit the 110 to 112 lbs I hit almost 2 years ago however that was a lot to do with muscle loss from stopping exercise. Anyway, once I hit 119lbs I will be hitting that all desired 54kg mark (again), the first goal point, then heading towards the next goal which I will be updating on my profile. Must stick to it!!!!! >_<

    Posted 5 months ago by BrokenChinaDolli

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    I keep posting things like this but nvm! Gained a fair amount since January, I really haven't been watching what I eat and if I do its been for a couple of days then I give up again, lack of will power.. :[ ANYWAY I haven't been training or exercising since January either but will try to find some motivation to exercise. BACK TO IT! >_< So gutted I gained weight though, was finally dropping weight too! I think I've lost a LOT of muscle now.. bleh.. :[

    Posted over 3 years ago by BrokenChinaDolli

  • BrokenChinaDolli

    Christmas weight gain...

    ..wasn't so bad considering I ate pretty much non-stop AND stuffed my face with plenty of chocolate and cake (& dim sum). I didn't think about watching my weight at all and think that it would have been a lot worse had I not been walking around every day! Spent the whole week off watching my weight and in London with friends just enjoying myself. But back to work, watching what I eat and training! :]

    Posted over 3 years ago by BrokenChinaDolli

  • BrokenChinaDolli


    Haven't written in this for ages. Focus on the goal! Must. Lose. Weight! D: If I stick to what I'm on at the moment it should be okay! I mustn't drift off course..! D:<

    Posted over 3 years ago by BrokenChinaDolli

  • BrokenChinaDolli

    Flips sakes..

    Updated body weight and dailyburn decided to change my kg to lbs so it looks like I dropped my weight by 70lbs, and now it says I met my body weight goal. Grrr.. >:|

    Posted over 4 years ago by BrokenChinaDolli

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I hate hitting brick walls in this weight loss process. Will keep at it though and try not to be de-motivated by random weight gain and lack of progress.. ||||||| My own note: First Goal is 54kg/119lbs [Checkpoint 1: 53.1kg/117lbs]. Second Goal is 52.2kg/115lbs [Checkpoint 2: 51.5kg/113.5lbs]. Third Goal is 50.8kg/112lbs [Checkpoint 3: 49.9kg/110lbs. Fourth Goal is 49kg / 108lbs. [Checkpoint 4: 48.5kg/106.9lbs] Final Goal 48kg/105.8lbs. [BONUS CHECKPOINT: 47KG/103.6LBS] BONUS GOAL [46KG/101.4LBS]