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from littleton, Colorado (24 hour fitness)

"No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to change."

I Burned 25K Calories! I Lost 20 Lbs! I Walked 100 Miles! I Burned 5,000 Calories! I Lost 10 Lbs! I Lost 5 Lbs!
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    Well I have been busy working alot of o.t. I havent let down my workouts, I did forget to mark them down on this site.I will try to do better now.

    Posted over 6 years ago by BUFFDEP


    My weight

    Well im staying motivated It was about a year ago today when I weighed 248 lbs.today I weighed in at 215 not bad im proud of myself.Hey and the wife seems to like the new me to.I have learned that food is not my crutch anymore.Other people I know smoked or Drank my drug of choice has alwasy been food.In good times or bad food is always easily accesabile.Someone told me food is the good kids form of addiction.You can have a functionaly normal life go to school, get a job, raise a family nobody pays attention if you have a couple extra donughts I guess.Every day is a great day to be alive.

    Posted over 6 years ago by BUFFDEP


Sex: Male

Age: 44

Weight: 201 lbs

Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm)