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    11 Dec 2011

    Short ruck today, 40lb ruck, 1.5 miles. Very bloated and fatigued. Not in a good rhythm this weekend. Stayed up till after 0300 friday night/saturday morning due to driving for the holiday ball. threw my schedule off. Ready to start training for the Bataan Memorial Death March on 25 Mar 2012. Still in physical therapy but looking to do a PT test in January, around the 10th or so, to see where I'm at, provided that I'm allowed to take a PT test. Not sure what the doc will say. Since being injured again I'm very tight and shorter, as usual. Every time I'm in pain my ht goes down. I'll just have to keep working on it. Goal is to get to 190lbs, and given the amount of muscle I have, I should be very lean at that weight.

    Posted over 4 years ago by bumperplateuser


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