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from United Kingdom (Consists of various Wii workouts, a rowing machine and workout dvds.)

"The choices you make today determine the person you become tomorrow"

I Did 1,000 Pushups! I Burned 50K Calories! I Burned 25K Calories! Top Dog I Lost 35 Lbs! I Lost 20 Lbs! I Burned 5,000 Calories! I Lost 10 Lbs! I Lost 5 Lbs!
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  • Steelback


    My weeks going great thanks, drinking tons of water causes it fuggin hot. I know everyone hates when people say it but your not flabby, looking at your pics, your a lot leaner than you sound, keep at it, build those cannons.

    Posted over 4 years ago by Steelback

  • Cellie34

    Your nutritionist said 1500 calories,

    and DB also says 1500 at the lower end of your range. I think you should listen and not go below that, especially when you experience exercise death on a regular basis. :p Contrary to popular belief, it's not cool to exercise hard and eat little. It's unhealthy and potentially dangerous to your health.Also, you could lose muscle that way, which will not make you look prettier. I exercised yesterday and ate a little over 1800 cals, but when I woke up this morning I was hungry. Obviously it was not enough, I should have eaten at least 2000 cals but I was lazy. Today I will be eating more. Do you ever check my nutrition log to see how much I eat? Do you remember when I ate around 40% carbs that I ate around 1600, 1700 cals a day? Now 1800 is too low, I almost never go below 2000. If I exercise I worry about losing weight, I don't need it *at all* to drop weight or to maintain my weight, I do that purely by my way of eating, I'm not kidding you. It's the good life girl! :)

    Posted over 4 years ago by Cellie34

  • Cellie34

    Exercise death,

    I like that! It can be fun for sure, I agree! :) If it becomes the rule though it might be less healthy, especially if you don't eat enough and shun fat. At least support your exercise death with proper nutrients, mmh? Eggs, yes! Give in to the craving! Look at your daily fat intake and aim to make it higher. I understand that 30% might sound freakishly high to you, so start small. Try to up your daily fat intake to 10%, and give yourself like 2 weeks to do it. Aim to make one little change every day to try to make the number go a little higher. Turn it into a game. And remember, as fat goes up, carbs go down. Try to get rid of the overabundance of sweetened yogurt and non-fresh fruit, and try to replace it with fresh vegetables and fresh fruit. The thing about the fat = 9 calories and carbs = 4 calories is, as it turns out it's not so much about the amount of calories that go in, it's about what the calories are made out of and what they do to our body, and especially to our hormones, once they're in our bodies. Our bodies are extremely well-equipped to handle fat and protein calories since we've been eating that in abundance for 2.5 million years. They're not built to handle carbs since we've only been eating those in abundance starting about 10,000 years ago when the agricultural revolution started, and not until very recently in the absolute insane proportions that many of us do today. It's not about calories in, calories out. It's about what your body is equipped to handle, and that is all pretty much ruled by hormones. And hormones don't count calories. They simply don't like all the carbs, frantically release insulin, which leads to a disproportionate amount of energy being stored away in the fat cells. Overeating carbs, which is very easy to do, leads to a hormonal fat disorder because your body is expecting protein and fat and you feed it protein and carbs. I just ran into a great article about calcium btw: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/calcium-for-women/ . I got it from this article. It might gross you out, but I'm definitely going to make me some bone broth: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/cooking-with-bones/ . I started saving my first bones today. :p

    Posted over 4 years ago by Cellie34

  • Cellie34

    And thank you! :)

    The sleeping is not perfect yet, but I'm very happy that I'm off the antidepressants and almost without Prednisone!!!! :)

    Posted over 4 years ago by Cellie34

  • Cellie34

    4 kg!

    That's 8.8 lbs missy, awesome job! :D Your hair looks really nice! Is it a sign that you're in a new phase of your life? I tend to do that with my hair. I was very proud that you put the olive oil on the chicken!!!! But I'm looking for the fat and I almost missed it. Half a teaspoon? Really? That's an awful tiny amount. You're still stuck in your super mega low fat 5-6% daily total which is absolutely detrimental to your health, bla bla bla, you know the spiel. For someone who's not afraid of fat you're still awfull "careful" with your fat intake. How about trying to cook in virgin coconut oil and adding some walnuts to your diet? How about eggs? It's not healthy to just eat the egg whites. The egg whites have gut irritating proteins, and by just eating the whites you take in only those proteins without the nourishing yolk which is full of healthy stuff, especially if you get omega-3 enriched eggs. Also, your calorie intake is a tad on the low side. If you were to stop eating those heaps of carbs and were to start eating heaps of fat instead like your body wants you to, then you can eat a lot more calories *and* you can exercise a lot less and lose at least the same amount of weight, if not more. It's because your carbs and fat are so completely upside down that you have to reduce your calories by that much (starve yourself) and work your ass off exercising. Can't be fun!

    Posted over 4 years ago by Cellie34

About Me

I recorded my heaviest weight in my life on 26th July 2009 at 12 stone 12 lbs (about 180 lbs) and basically gave up on everything. Overdid the weight loss and got to about 100 lbs, had to gain, now cant seem to stop overeating. Need to get my life back and my body back. Any help is very welcome and appreciated.


Sex: Female

Age: 23

Weight: 160 lbs

Height: 5ft 2in (157 cm)



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