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  • chicamoo1


    At this very moment, my nutrition pie chart is as even as I've ever had it. I should take a screen shot!

    Posted over 5 years ago by chicamoo1

  • chicamoo1


    Ugggg....Overdid it on the calories again. Pretty damn sure I won't be losing any weight this week. boooooooooo. I ate way too much at dinner. That is one thing I continually struggle with is portion sizes -- especially around dinner time. Like tonight we made quesadillas since it was easy and fast. But, what I should have done is made a quesadilla with one tortilla, rather than two. I still feel really full and a little unsettled.'s just been a bad couple days. At least I exercised today, so that is good. I did the P90X Yoga X workout and holeeeeeee sheeeeeeet!!! It kicked me ass from here to Tokyo! Whew! Oh yeah. The gluten free thing's going good. Dairy free? Not so much. I love cheese. I have a hard time giving up cheese. And I'm sorry, but the dairy free cheese substitutes are not going to cut it. Soooooo .... maybe I'll just give up gluten first and then work on cheese. That's the only dairy product I even want - I don't want milk or yogurt or anything else. Just cheese. I heart cheese!!!

    Posted over 5 years ago by chicamoo1

  • lshrefler


    Congrats on the new pant size. That is Tee-RIFFIC!!!! Keep up the good work (oh, and don't get too excited about weight this know that bloatation from menstruation is an abomination! Like my iteration?!?!?!)

    Posted over 5 years ago by lshrefler

  • chicamoo1


    Oh, and I'll be starting that no dairy, no gluten thing tomorrow, seeing that I failed miserably today!

    Posted over 5 years ago by chicamoo1

  • chicamoo1


    Well, this evening, I decided to take a little tumble off the wagon ... have been super hungry and craving sugar and so I ate some bananas foster .... And then looked at the calendar, and low and behold, I am scheduled to start my period this week. NO wonder I've been so hungry! Oh well, what's done is done. Tomorrow is a new day!

    Posted over 5 years ago by chicamoo1




from Lakewood, Colorado

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