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    New Low

    After a number of years and numerous life changes, I have finally beaten my post-college weight record from 9/08. I have applied new vigor and diligence to studying and pursuing weight loss, and it has paid off tremendously. My progress since October has been strong and consistent, with weight loss of over a pound per week, sometimes just over 2 pounds per week. My techniques are documented pretty well on my google docs account, but I should continue to write what I can.

    Posted over 3 years ago by comrade

  • comrade


    Slouched for a long, long time. Finally got back in the gym tonight for a 30 minute treadmill run and I feel great now. Here are a few things that I figured out when I was still losing weight: 1. A consistent calorie deficit worked great for a while, but the effectiveness dropped off dramatically. I found that if I ate a relatively huge caloric load after every 6 days of CR, my weight loss was a pretty steady 1+lbs per week. 2. At the peak of my tri training, I was eating over 50% raw and my performance was many times greater than at any other point in my life. It took a while to work up to that point, but it's a good goal to keep in mind. 3. Avocados and hemp seed oil are my friends (research-wise), even though McDougall disagrees.

    Posted over 6 years ago by comrade

  • comrade

    Leptin Research I: Sweet Tooth

    As promised, I'm providing a journal article (URL at the bottom) relating to the hormone leptin and its effect on weight loss. This one is interesting because I didn't actually see it coming. The title of the article is "Diurnal variation of human sweet taste recognition thresholds is correlated with plasma leptin levels," which boils down to "leptin low=sugar tooth high." In other words, running at starvation-level leptin concentrations literally makes sweet foods taste less sweet, which means you're likely to go after sweeter and sweeter foods to satisfy cravings. What's more, this effect is "diurnal," meaning that it varies over the course of a day. According to the article, your ability to taste sweets is highest in the morning (low taste threshold) and lowest in the evening (high taste threshold). Cue clip of a late-night ice cream binge. Interesting stuff. URL: []

    Posted over 7 years ago by comrade

  • comrade

    Leptin Research (intro)

    I've been researching a hormone called leptin, which is partly responsible for controlling appetite and metabolism. The basics: more leptin = less appetite, higher metabolism = good. No, it doesn't come in a pill (that I know of), probably because research hasn't yet shown that you can treat obesity by administering leptin. Now, what I've heard (but don't yet entirely believe) is that leptin levels decrease slowly from calorie restriction until they start to bottom out after about a week. At that point, weight loss becomes much more difficult. However, if you allow yourself to binge a little bit (particularly on carbs) for 24 hours, your leptin levels will return to normal and you can get back on the wagon and continue to lose weight effectively. Sounds good, right? Not to mention the fact that indulging occasionally has been proven to help people stick to a diet. I'm going to post a couple of real journal articles to try to sort out what's fact from myth about this mysterious hormone.

    Posted over 7 years ago by comrade

  • comrade


    Took a cycling class at MW today. 53 minutes and the equivalent of 11.2 uphill miles (at various grades). Average RPM 90-100. It was absolutely intense. It also reminded me that March Wellness is dead serious about the science of exercise. Instead of yelling at us to pedal faster or whatever, the trainer said things like "now go to 85% of your maximum heart rate!" See, part of signing up at March Wellness is taking a fitness assessment which includes some time on a treadmill while wearing heart monitor. In the process, they straighten out for you what your heart rate ought to be while you're doing various levels of exercise, and the classes all take advantage of that information. I was at a bit of a disadvantage, neither having a heart monitoring chest-strap nor knowing exactly what my maximum heart rate should be (around 200, I'm sure). But I did what I could by listening to my muscles and trying to remember what it feels like to be at 150bpm on a treadmill, and I'm sure I did fine. The main point is that the class spectacularly kicked my butt.

    Posted over 7 years ago by comrade


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