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  • farah424

    Down 2 pounds!

    Lost 2 pounds since last week and I'm so excited! I worked really hard this past week - exercising every day in addition to adding more steps at work and taking the stairs. I also stayed really focused on what I was eating and made sure that I ate good food, but concentrated on not over-eating. I didnt have a crazy sweet fest this week, but I did enjoy two small homemade brownies this weekend. I savored every bite with a cup of tea. This weekend I also was active - I walked 4 miles at the park. My new goal is having atleast one active day on the weekend where I'm not a coach potato the whole time!

    Posted over 6 years ago by farah424

  • farah424

    Week 2

    This is my second week of my job's fitness challenge. Although the focus is not just on weight loss, my goal is lose atleast 5 percent of my body weight...about 8 pounds. Of course I'd like to lose 10 or more in the next 10 weeks. However, being realistic...my ultimate goal is 20 pounds no matter how long it takes. Week 2 is going well, had a minor set back yesterday at happy hour. I didnt eat all my lunch that day, so I saved half before happy hour to avoid temptation. I met my friends at a local sushi bar - I decided I wasnt really hungry and had a bowl of miso soup. Which was very tasty BTW. I enjoyed my 1 glass of merlot, and then ordered another...why? dunno. I didnt drink all, maybe about half, and then ordered a crunchy seafood roll (panko) to go. I got home starving..wiffed down the roll....where did it go?? Later that evening I was starving again! Decided to have a PBJ on a whole wheat sandwhich thins.....then my pudding fluff (FF/SF pudding w/ fat free SF cool whip w/ banana's and strawberries). Okay now I was full....but did I really need all that? I wish I had ordered a dinner instead of sushi and really enjoyed it. Then I wouldnt have overloaded on my calories and it would have been worth it!

    Posted over 6 years ago by farah424



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