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  • Wildcat12

    Worst date ever . . .

    Maybe you shouldn't take your bitches to the top of huge mountains . . .

    Posted over 3 years ago by Wildcat12

  • Wildcat12

    Good old core synergistics

    I forgot how much that workout can kick your ass - did it last night. Chaturanga Run!!!

    Posted over 4 years ago by Wildcat12

  • garbs


    I'm so weak and so sore....

    Posted over 4 years ago by garbs

  • garbs


    Keep in mind I'm still rocking my jump-stretch band. Without that I could barely do 1 corncob I bet. We'll see. In month 3 i'm going to try to do the pullups without the jump stretch.

    Posted over 4 years ago by garbs

  • johnsonl33

    16 wide front and 6 corn cobs?

    S, gd.

    Posted over 4 years ago by johnsonl33

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