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"I do not understand the word 'Ouch!'"

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About Me

My weight has always fluctuated but it has never fallen below 260. Ive never tried the fad diets, but i have tried almost every diet pill that you can think of and I still did not loose the weight i wanted. I've always wanted to go to the gym, but i am sure many people can contest to this -- I was scared to death to touch foot in a gym. I finally joined a [non-pretentious] gym in September; I weighed myself, the scale read a horrifying 299lbs!!! (talk about going mental!) I have never been that big before. As soon as I regained my sanity, I signed up for the gym online and a representative called me immediately!!! He, along with other gym staff AND the members of the gym treated me with so much respect. At that moment, i did not feel like a social outcast. Without any hesitation, I signed up for a personal training session to I can get this ball rolling... literally, i was round as hell! The initial session was a test to see how my body would respond to training; all was well, but the shock of actually DOING SOMETHING to my body made me tight as all get out. It lasted about 5 days, but i loved it! Subsequent workouts would consist of my trainer slowly introducing me to various weight training techniques. We had a productive conversation after the workout, the end result was, "You are a big mass of nothing now but when I get finished with you, I will mold you into something that you will not even recognize." Now, I am not one to actually fall for someones game, especially if i am paying you boost my self esteem. He gained my trust by actually calling me to check on my progress when he and/or I was not at the gym. I am his product and he wants to be proud of the results. The weight training is High Intensity but it really gets the job done. I have noticed drastic changes with my muscle definition; my chest is becoming a CHEST, my thighs are becoming sculpted, my back is just WOW and lets not get on my shoulders!!! I am even loosing my tire around my waist and i have never been happier!!! I was on the verge of having a heart attack (blood pressure was off the charts, plus it runs in the family), everything was stressing me out for no reason at all (my mom had a stroke from stress build up and my dad had a silent heart attack in his sleep -- they are still alive and still getting on my nerves, so i am grateful for that) but i refuse to go down that same path! This gym "shit" isn't just recreational for me, it is necessary and it is my fate; i have to do it before its too late. I started at 299 lbs, my I am now 254 lbs, with more muscle mass and a lower body fat index; my goal is 220 lbs by winter. I let less things stress me out, EVEN though I have been laid off because of this LOVELY recession, I still walk around genuinely smiling; nothing can be worst than loosing your life over some foolishness.