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  • gmcg


    Adapting to a new culture & new foods. Even more challenging than before (I think tofu will be my new ) Cottage cheese (at a fraction of the price).

    Posted about 1 month ago by gmcg

  • gmcg

    saturday back to 8st 7 (119lbs) Monday 8st 10 122l

    finally got back to 8st 7 went to dinner party , ate and drank lovely meal , not lavish , roast fillet veg , scallops , roulade , cheese. Modest amounts , champagne, vodka and a poached egg full english on the sunday - abracadabra +3lbs Monday. BOLX!!!

    Posted 10 months ago by gmcg

  • gmcg

    finally moving back down from 8st 12 (124lbs)

    After a refined carb-fest I have finally managed to get back on the wagon. Even with a lovely guest for a long weekend I have managed to fight the temptation better than could in previous weeks since returning from the ski break. I am amazed how much fluid I hold when consuming refined carbs. Summer is here and I am looking forward to getting out on the bike more. Happy to be back on my cottage cheese, sliced meats , baby toms, lentils , veg. (very little cooking and washing up too!).

    Posted 10 months ago by gmcg

  • gmcg

    can't fight the carb cravings - depressing !


    Posted 10 months ago by gmcg

  • gmcg

    struggling to get off the crabs

    Chocolate, Bread & Yorkshire puddings and is reflected in my weight as seen on the graph ....

    Posted 11 months ago by gmcg