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  • gvernon

    Gaining Strength

    Started to lift heavier this last week. Starting to see some decent gains in strength now. The diet is hard. Hard to eat enough calories to gain the desired weight. The good news is, that I am starting to lean out. I have cut back on cardio for the last two weeks to focus on lifting. Going to go back to running a lot in about 3 weeks. Feeling better each time I go to the gym, and I now am looking forward to going.

    Posted over 6 years ago by gvernon

  • gvernon

    Eating more, Weighing less

    Still trying to increase calorie intake, but not seeing any results from it yet. I have purchased some supplements to help increase my daily calories. Got to 3000 yesterday, but it was hard to choke down the last of that protein shake. Workouts are going great, and I am going to increase weights this week, and less cardio. At least not going to do them on the same day anymore. Its now time to start making some gains and to see some change.

    Posted over 6 years ago by gvernon

  • gvernon

    Gaining weight is hard to do

    I have a hard time trying to eat enough to make the gains that I want. The nutrition tracker says I should be at about 3500 calories/day, but I have a hard time eating more than about 2100-2200/day. The tracker on this site I think will be the tool that I need to get the gains that I am looking for. Being able to see the content of all of the foods that I eat, and have it put into the pie chart is great. Writing everything down for the day will be a big help too.

    Posted over 6 years ago by gvernon


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