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    Worked out on my own today - 20 minutes of treadmill intervals, followed by arms. Arms was hard and with only 15lb to 20lb weights. I'll get stronger. Glad I went today. Finally (!) sorted out the last of the mix-up with LA Fitness too...what a pain. Fifth time's a charm I suppose. 37 DAYS TO GO

    Posted over 3 years ago by hfedewa

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    New LA FItness gym/trainer So, it's been three weeks since I started working with a trainer and it's only my 6th workout. After my last trainer leaving, the club closing, the snafu at the new club w/ my sessions....ugh. I feel like I'm behind. I really need to get my diet in gear or I'm going to embarrass myself on vacation. I had my 3rd workout today with Mark and I worked hard. I think he was impressed...but he could say that to all his clients. I was giving it 100% though and I've done well with diet today. I have to remember diet and keep it at the forefront. 38 DAYS UNTIL VACATION and every single one of them has to count!

    Posted over 3 years ago by hfedewa

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    Today was my second day working out with Jeanette - it went well, she does a lot in 30 minutes and I can really tell I'm out of shape. It feels good to work out - and work hard. I'm excited to keep this up and hopefully I'll start to see and feel results in the next couple weeks. That will be motivating to keep going!

    Posted over 3 years ago by hfedewa

  • hfedewa

    Day 2

    Okay, I'm calling yesterday the official Day 1, better to start on a Monday and last Friday (the offical Day 1 was our Wine Week outing...not a good starting point!) Two days in and so far it's been okay. I'm a bit tired because I've been getting up at 5a the past two days, but with 7 hours of sleep I should be okay. I think it'll just take a little bit to adjust. I haven't been overly hungry or really craving anything. And I'm trying not to eat past 8p. I really want to give this 100%. I have 36 days to go and if I don't keep at it, I'll be so embarrassed in Palm Beach. Plus...I want to go shopping for that new "cocktail dress" for the fancy dinner on the last night! I need to find some high-protein/low-carb meals. I may have to start sneaking in a protein shake as a snack during the day. I noticed that my protein-carb ratio is off but I've been eating pretty balanced.

    Posted over 5 years ago by hfedewa


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