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  • hlynuringi

    Oh it's on again!

    Yesterday I enter a challenge with Gestur. It will be easy to win because I am awesome and he is not. Let the games begin!

    Posted over 2 years ago by hlynuringi

  • hlynuringi


    20.06.2011 - Because I can! YEAH! 20 Kg, 20.000 grams lost today since new years eve. That's pretty nice and I'm feelin' superfine :D I even switched scales somewhere along the way and the new one says I am 0.7 kg heavier than the last... but hey, that's just a dropi í hafið :)

    Posted over 4 years ago by hlynuringi

  • hlynuringi

    Hæ hó jibbý-jei ó jibbý-jei það er kominn sautjánd

    17.06.2011 - Hey ho, It's indipendence day (not a literal translation). I'm pressed for time so I decided to rip off my own comment and post it here as my journal entry for the day. I have been candy free for ... I can't even remember anymore, honestly! Probably my best gestimate is since about the end of april 2011, so 6 weeks+ now, totally candy free (and all "white" carbs as well and most all carbs to be honest). Feeling totally healthy and OSOM! It gets easier with every day that goes by. Today, on our independence day, with all the kerfuffel going on downtown, with all the cotton candy smells in the air and sweets floating around, I wasn't bothered, not even my all time favourite: Reese's pieces chocolate, phased me when I walked past an inviting 3-piece in the store. As I can ironically say today, avoiding that shit is now "piece of cake" :)

    Posted over 4 years ago by hlynuringi

  • hlynuringi

    Heeeeeeere's Johnny!

    10.05.2011 - I'm back :) The way these last posts have been going I don't blame myself for taking a small vacation. Hhaha. But now I'm back for a second JEHAD - The resurrection! I actually did quite well fitness-wise during my vacation to Spain, got in quite a few workouts (running/TRX/bodyweight exercises and water bottle freeweight lifting :) ) and kept mostly to my "low carb" or shall I say "min carb" diet (with the odd beer and red wine, as one does while in Spain :) ). When I came back I had gained less than 200 grams so I was quite pleased... The following week after vacation end however was terribad, donuts, candy, endless white bread... my whole body felt rotten and bloated... but no more... today I managed to keep clean during the day (as usual) but then didn't fail in the evening (as is the norm the past week) even though the missus had a "sowing club" with the accompanying goodies, muffins and kerfuffels. Instead, I watched Kris Gethins motivational video for day one of his body transformation hardcore 12 week crazy bastard workout plan ( Did the first workout tonight as I phoned in to worldclass wc and bought a 3 month gym membership in the nick of time before the office in Laugar closed. So I was able to go to the night gym for a MASSIVE leg workout. I actually over did it a little as I had to quit after the first "to failure" set of the last exercise (hacksquats) because of right knee pain and now afterwards I hava a slight lower back pain as well... I blame the ego for having to add too much weight on the bar to show off, which is of course nothing but idiotic. But a massive workout and I am so glad to be back on a plan :D As my new friend Kris Gethin says, as well as the Get-Fit-Guy (, you need to eat during a fairly tight window after you do weight lifting for maximum benefits of the workout. Anywhere from 10 min - 60 min after the workout, you need to eat, so now I am feasting on the cold fish leftovers from last night and some salad...actually quite tasty... Well, enough rambling for tonhight, congratulations to myself on getting back on track, it seems this will be one hell'ova ride :D

    Posted over 4 years ago by hlynuringi

  • karithor


    Your suspicious nature disappoints me :( Your intimate toiletry description revolts me :(

    Posted over 4 years ago by karithor

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