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I Biked 100 Miles! I Burned 50K Calories! I Burned 25K Calories! I Did 1,000 Pushups! I Ran 100 Miles! I Lost 5 Lbs!
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  • hmduey

    Almost there

    I've finally figured out how to do this without being hungry all the time. Of course, I only have about two pounds to go to hit my goal weight, and then I can actually ramp up my eating a little bit again (assuming I keep working out, which I intend to do). My problem was never that I ate too much and became overweight; it was that I wasn't working out and gained 10 pounds (but I still was not overweight; just not "fit"). Now that I'm back in shape I'm loving it and I plan to stay this way as long as possible.

    Posted over 4 years ago by hmduey

  • hmduey

    Getting there...

    I've lost the original 5 pounds I wanted to lose, and so far I'm manging to keep it off (relatively easily too!). Those last 3 pounds have been really hard though. I have no idea how people lose lots of weight, because just losing 5-10 pounds has been really, really hard for me! But I'm rockin' the hotness and I'm looking forward to the first trip to the pool this year - assuming I can keep it all off after I reach my goal, that is!

    Posted over 5 years ago by hmduey

  • hmduey

    Running Again

    After two and a half weeks off, I ran today. The calf muscle I blew out did OK, and I ran on the power lines in my Vibram KSOs. It was a pretty good run, but the calf is still a bit sore. Hopefully I can keep taking it easy until it's fully recovered, but it sure was good to be off the damn elliptical machine. I *hate* that thing! It was a beautiful day to run, too; sunny and about 60 degrees or so. Absolutely perfect.

    Posted over 5 years ago by hmduey

  • hmduey


    Yesterday was a bad food day, late in the day no less. But, it was for a good cause, as the whole family gathered at Granny's house and had a good visit. Lots of food and drink, and I indulged a little too much. But, that's OK, I expected it, and so today I have to double-down again. I can't wait to get back to running, as that really helps with keeping the weight gain down on days like that. The calf is getting better, slowly but surely, and I might even try to get on the elliptical or something in the next day or so (last time I tried it still hurt too much). Progress is ongoing though and most of the cottage cheese is gone now, so I'm still a happy camper.

    Posted over 5 years ago by hmduey

  • hmduey

    Short workout

    Very short workout today as I cleaned the house ALL. DAY. LONG. I'm pooped, and running behind. I'm sure I burned enough calories to say I ran (vacuumed house, mopped, AND shampooed rug then cleaned the bathroom (mopped too). Anyway, that's why the short workout. Time to get a shower then go get boyz!

    Posted over 5 years ago by hmduey