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from Ballwin, Missouri (Golds Gym)

"We only live once, and i'm not going to spend my life looking a way I dont want to!"

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    Monday the 29

    I didnt follow the workout plan on this day, but I did do a pretty hardcore 'back' day. Due to the RSI I have in my rotator cuffs I thought that it would be a better idea. Did such exer. as (Lat pull downs, Rows, ect...)

    Posted over 5 years ago by Jcon2005

About Me

I am 23 and have always been very athletic. I am in school right now and love Bio classes like A&P because I love learning all I can about the human body! I love to teach and help anyone in anyway I can, basicly I love being able to explain things to help people understand what they are trying to learn. I am a HUGE St. Louis Cardinals fan!!! I could talk MLB all day long!!!



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