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  • katejones2


    under my nutition stuff. it was my last log in. We just took out a little more carbs starting today and added some natural peanut butter. yum

    Posted over 5 years ago by katejones2

  • katejones2


    theres my meal plan. for some reason justin thinks its enough, i feel like its really low. and my carbs are fairly low in there too

    Posted over 5 years ago by katejones2

  • jtwood333

    You happy now!!

    For those who I've told I would log on to this site!!!...I did it...time to make some changes!!!

    Posted over 5 years ago by jtwood333

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ACSM Certified Personal Trainer who's passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals. I'm a bodybuilder who has been training for almost 10 yrs and I'm looking forward to getting back on stage in 11'...Dont hesitate to contact me with any questions I may help you with!!!

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