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  • karen96

    started over with "Eat to Live" on Monday

    Since Monday I'm down about a pound. Started Insanity on Monday too. Spring break is a good week to form these good habits. Tired and sore, but feeling healthier. By the time we leave for Key West in 2 months, I should be looking and feeling really good!

    Posted 4 months ago by karen96

  • karen96

    feeling good

    down a couple of pounds in the last week since starting "Eat to Live" even though I'm not following it perfectly. It is amazing how few calories I end up eating when I stuff myself with salad and veggies! I know I can keep this up because the cravings for sweets have greatly decreased! Also, I'm 2.5 weeks in to Focus T25 now and it's not a big commitment each day so it is manageable though I do miss running/biking outside! But I'll get back to those when it warms up.

    Posted 6 months ago by karen96

  • karen96

    Off to a good start

    Started Focus T25 on Monday, and have made good food choices to go along with it this week too. Already seeing a drop of 2 pounds on the scale since Monday. I plan to be very good this week to kick-start this weight loss.

    Posted about 1 year ago by karen96

  • MichaelBerry47

    Diet n Exercise, Exercise n Diet

    Got your message. Sorry bout the tendonitis. Have you considered agressively walking as an alternative to running? Maybe a treadmill... Mike

    Posted about 1 year ago by MichaelBerry47

About Me

I am a math professor. First, I want to start by getting back to a weight of 140, and then drop another 10-15 pounds after that.