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"Somebody may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it." - Steve Prefontaine "

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  • KateBrown

    Papa John's at Whole Foods?!!?!!?!?!

    This evening I was grocery shopping at Whole Foods and I was appalled to see a Papa John's pizza guy delivering to the folks a the customer service desk. I understand that some might make the argument that Whole Foods employees "don't make enough money to eat there", but seriously, the company should at least provide one free shift meal. Wow, I could not believe it. What ever happened to practicing what you preach?

    Posted over 4 years ago by KateBrown

  • OldGoat

    Thanks Kate

    Your words of encouragement are much appreciated. Yes, I definitely have been consistent with my weightlifting routine - my trainer measured yesterday and I've added three inches to my overall chest dimensions. However, I need to focus on my aerobics and am hoping the mountain running routine shows some results over the next few months - slow and steady, that's what it's all about now.

    Posted over 4 years ago by OldGoat

  • KateBrown


    I'm working on some plyometrics workouts to improve my leg strength, specifically cycling power. Oh wee - my legs are sore from yesterday! One-legged box jumps are great for you folks who have not tried this yet.

    Posted over 5 years ago by KateBrown

  • conquest2

    Thanks for the congrats

    Thank you for the encouragement

    Posted over 5 years ago by conquest2

  • lestersue

    Thanks for the congrats!

    I'm definitely getting stronger. I can do 15 pullups in 3 sets now. Maybe someday I'll be able to do all 15 in one set. Ugh!

    Posted over 5 years ago by lestersue

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International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Certified Personal Trainer specializing in endurance sports training, core stability training, and diet/lifestyle consulting.


Sex: Female

Age: 31

Weight: 129 lbs

Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)



Hip Size

(My goal is 29 Inches)

Waist Size

(I want to decrease by 1 in)


(My goal is a max of 128lbs)

Body Fat

(My goal is 14 %)