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  • kregosborne

    Operation: Vegas Baby!

    It's time to get tightened up for Vegas. Here we go!

    Posted about 1 month ago by kregosborne

  • kregosborne

    Tracking again...

    I'm tracking my calories and exercise again... no reason to start slipping up.

    Posted 11 months ago by kregosborne

  • kregosborne


    Slipped up near 170, and you're not gaining muscle, so shape up!

    Posted about 1 year ago by kregosborne

  • kregosborne


    Time to maintain! Way to get down below 170 lbs.!

    Posted over 3 years ago by kregosborne

  • kregosborne

    Leg Press

    Reminder to myself: remember if you do 360lbs. on the leg press, that's more than 2 of you!

    Posted over 3 years ago by kregosborne


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