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  • BeFitt


    How are your running workouts going? I see that you've been doing them pretty regularly... I'm not seeing any P90X, though... what's up with that? Hope all is well and you're staying committed to your daily workouts! :)

    Posted over 5 years ago by BeFitt

  • michelehamm

    Hey there!

    Just thinking about you, hope you are doing great!

    Posted over 6 years ago by michelehamm

  • michelehamm


    hey there Lisa! Did you send me an invitation for a challenge? If so, where do i find it??? Hope you are doing great! Miss you here but glad you are there ;-)

    Posted over 6 years ago by michelehamm

  • BeFitt

    Checkin' in...

    How are your feet? I see you haven't been logging many miles in, but you've been doing your P90X! :) Just keepin' you in check, that's all... :D

    Posted over 6 years ago by BeFitt

  • lcbyoung

    Sore Feet

    So I was lazy for the last couple of days and got to lagging in the challenge and in my exercise in general so today I really pushed it with walking 8 miles and pushing myself in kenpo X. Now I have very sore feet - but I'm sure it will be worth it!

    Posted over 6 years ago by lcbyoung



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