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  • asyalieberman

    Just got your message...

    Yes, I have been gone for a while. I was having a lot of trouble sticking with everything back in February, turns out I'm pregnant :) So I'm just taking it easy for now. Thanks for noticing I was gone! Can't wait to get back here after October. I see you're doing well, NICE WORK!

    Posted over 3 years ago by asyalieberman

  • livingbygrace

    Stomach Virus?

    I find it absolutely crazy how you can be stricken down in an instant by something unknown and probably microscopic. Last Saturday, I was going about a chill day after weeks of busting tail to try to get my house ready to sell when I became violently ill! I had a fever over 102 degrees by the afternoon and violent vomiting and yes the other end as well! I was moments away from asking to be taken to the ER when I passed out and spent the next 12 hours in a semi-conscience state only to arise the next day with a much reduced fever and a glimmer of hope... Sunday, I continued to sleep and began to eat cautiously, mainly the "BRAT" diet.. Then by Monday I was at work at 7:30 AM like nothing had happened! I was overhead saying, "I can't believe I am here." CRAZY how the body can rebel, expel, and recover! Let me just say, that the "BRAT" diet sure did it's job. I did not poop again until today! I was beginning to worry!!! Just goes to show, what we poop today could be what we ate days ago. If your food stays in your intestines for days doesn't it make you think twice about putting junk in there!!!

    Posted over 3 years ago by livingbygrace

  • bobski


    Thanks for stopping by. At the moment I need all the info and support I can get as my doctors are great a diagnosis and treatment but not so much for rehab it seems. I'm taking it slow and steady but obviously just a bit frustrated that I've had this set back - at least I can now learn to pace myself properly.

    Posted over 3 years ago by bobski

  • ThriveFit

    Protein Bars

    No I haven't tried nuts but one of my clients has, as well as sunflower seeds, and says they taste great. Thanks for the heads up about the PB2 I was just getting ready to attempt that sub myself but I think I will leave it as is.

    Posted over 4 years ago by ThriveFit

  • ThriveFit


    lol, I saw your forum post. Yes, too much whey can cause the same problem. :) I've never tried egg protein powder but you can give it a go. Let me know how it tastes in the bars.

    Posted over 4 years ago by ThriveFit


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