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  • Lizmara

    Vacation as my motivator

    We have a few big trips planned this year that all involve looking great. Puerto Rico in June, NYC in August and Mexico in December. Operation Get Fit is in full effect! My husband also modified my weight target as 112 instead of 105. He reminded me that when I get to 112, then I can try 108, then 105.

    Posted over 5 years ago by Lizmara

  • Lizmara


    I joined back up at Golds this week (7 weeks postpartum) and I'm ready to get back in shape. My body fat is an astounding 30% (I am nursing so this might be why it's so high) and I was 128lbs on Monday.

    Posted over 6 years ago by Lizmara

  • Lizmara

    Weight Goal set of 105lbs

    Our baby girl was born on 10/27 by C-section because she went breech. My 6 week postpartum visit is next week, when I'll be cleared for exercise. I am DYING to start jogging again to get this yucky weight off. I feel gross!

    Posted over 6 years ago by Lizmara

  • Lizmara

    Weight Goal set of 142lbs

    No I'm not crazy. My goal is 142lbs up from 112lbs. Not that I really have a goal but I'm pregnant. So I'm going to use Gyminee to track my weight gain.

    Posted over 6 years ago by Lizmara

  • Lizmara

    Biking vs Running

    So I thought biking would be easier but damn was I wrong. I just have to find my pace and get my body to recover the hills quicker, then I'll be able to keep up with Derek! But seriously, this biking stuff is kicking my ass BUT I'm having fun. I hated running/jogging at first but once I found my pace and zoned-out , I had fun with it.

    Posted over 7 years ago by Lizmara