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"Everything in Moderation, Including Moderation"

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    Now this is starting to get fun. Since I started I am down 3 to 4 belt loops (depending on the belt). I am fitting in to some of my 36 inch pants and the 38's are quite loose now; as opposed to my nearly needing to spring for 40s at my fattest. My collar size is down from a tight 17 inches to a fairly comfortable 16 & 1/2. My jeans are all a bit loose now as opposed to button popping tight. I don't measure every body detail but going forward, I am looking at the easy stuff. These goals by September are as follows: 36 inch pants and shorts. 16 inch collared shorts. Fit back into my 36 inch waist and 42 inch chest suits. 22% Body Fat (As measured by my cheap BioScale. (I started at 28% BF and am now at 24.5%) 190 lbs. My long term goal is 180 lbs and improvements; not yet defined, on all the other metrics. Body Fat improvements though are high on the list.

    Posted over 3 years ago by losesomeofit

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